August 29, 2007

Gold’s Gym

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I signed a contract with Gold’s Gym six months ago. I’ve been going there ever since and I only stopped the last two months. However, now that I will be busy with classes, I will not be able to attend the gym since it is not so close to my place. I know they don’t allow cancellation for the contract for any reason. However, I was wondering if anyone knows a way to convince them to cancel my membership?


August 26, 2007


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يوميات شبابية في القبس تقول “ ‘فوقة حداق وبحر وشاليه’.. جدول حياة وايد شباب بالصيف، نحييكم على هالروح الحلوة صج اثبتوا أنكم عيال الكويت والبحر ما يطلع من دمكم.. بس ديروا بالكم ترى شمس الكويت ما ترحم.”

تراوالي العالم كله بالصيف يبي البحر والشاليه, مو بس الكويتيين..لكن أيضا نقول عليكم بالعافية يا شباب الكويت البحر والشاليه والحداق وفعلا الله يعينكم عالشمس

August 25, 2007

صبحكم الله بالخير

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جرت العادة ان الصبح أقعد عالساعة 9:30 او 10:00

أفتح التلفزيون على قناة discovery travel

و يكونون حاطين برنامج Great Hotels with Samantha Brown

الشمس تسطع داخل شقتي, و القهوة موجودة, وفيروز تغرد باللابتوب والتلفزيون مليء بالمناظر الحلوة اللي تحسسني كأني مسافر.

اليوم وانا قاعد بهالأجواء الحلوة, قلت ليش ما اشارك القراء بهالجو. يالله قلت ألقالكم اغنية حلوة من فيروز و أعيشكم شوية بالجو اللي أنا عايش فيه.

مع تحياتي و تحيات فيروز

August 23, 2007

شر البلية ما يضحك

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 على ان في تبرير حق بعض النقاط, بس بشكل عام نقاط اللي قاعد يعلق عقلانية

August 22, 2007


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I was flipping around my pictures that I took when I was in Kuwait. These pictures were taken when I was walking around outside souq sharq (سوق شرق)close to the seaside at 11:00 PM.


These pictures brought me some memories that aren’t helping me to tolerate school tomorrow. I don’t want to say that I am homesick, but I think there is still some small crumbles of homesick left in me whenever I see those kinds of pictures.


I study in the United States and been here for three years. I love the United States and their lifestyle, but the city that I’m in is very boring and not a perfect place for a student. The University is located in the downtown, and the downtown here is like one of the worst downtowns in the whole United States. You should never be surprised when you find a homeless walking around the school, even though the city are trying their best to keep the school clean and neat from the rest of the city. People here are very nice and decent. However, they are the worst in the fashion and clothing. I can’t believe what I see sometimes. For example; girls, in my opinion, are suppose to look the best when they go to school or work. However, in my school girls will have no problem going to school with their worst outfits. Sometimes they even come wearing stuff looks like pajamas or sweat pants that does not look very hot!


I guess where I am getting at is I just got a little bit sick of the city and started missing Kuwait and the lifestyle there. I missed the way people dressed and always got into the latest fashions, beautiful perfumes, beautiful looks, luxury cars and so on. All these stuff plays very important role in my psychological acceptance to studying, going out and such things.


Well, I guess I should have known what I was getting in when I came to the U.S. I like the country though. Its positives overcome its negatives when it comes to convenience.

August 21, 2007

Double shot mornings with Samantha Brown

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This summer I got a little bit addictive to two things; Starbucks doubleshot coffee and Samantha Brown’s show, “Great Hotels.”

I never thought that such small things would turn your whole day into a good happy day.

Usually in the summer if I wasn’t traveling around, I would stay up after midnight probably till 4:00 AM.

However, this summer I woke up one day at 9:00 AM and bought me the Double shot, tuned into the travel channel and played some nice song (Fairuz, sa2alony el nas). Samantha also has this smile that tells you “good morning” which makes you smile back and reply with “good morning to you too Samantha Brown.”

I liked it so much that I started sleeping early just to wake up in the morning and repeat this relaxation process. Now that school is back in few days, I know what will make me go to school in a good mood.

I recommend you all to try it.

Call of Duty 3 for the PS3

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I love Call of Duty 3. It’s amazing how much fun you’d get playing online with others, it could get addictive. However, it surprised me that there are always people who want to mess up and ruin the game. For example; when you are playing team battle, there are some people who would have fun killing their teammates just to ruin the battle. I personally find it sometimes funny, and sometimes annoying.

Maybe someone could tell me their experience with that?

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