August 21, 2007

Call of Duty 3 for the PS3

Posted in video games at 8:07 pm by Salah


I love Call of Duty 3. It’s amazing how much fun you’d get playing online with others, it could get addictive. However, it surprised me that there are always people who want to mess up and ruin the game. For example; when you are playing team battle, there are some people who would have fun killing their teammates just to ruin the battle. I personally find it sometimes funny, and sometimes annoying.

Maybe someone could tell me their experience with that?

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  1. ps3 player said,

    Yeah, I sometimes get payback from players shooting me when i’m not on a roll.

  2. abdulsalam said,

    create your own game and turn friendly fire off, there problem solved.

  3. sar7an said,

    Abdulsalam, thanks for the comment

    ps3 player, now that’s funny.

  4. pedrito said,

    sta bien machin, chingonometrico

  5. joel said,

    vamos descarga por favor

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