August 21, 2007

Double shot mornings with Samantha Brown

Posted in celebrities, food, TV at 8:36 pm by Salah

This summer I got a little bit addictive to two things; Starbucks doubleshot coffee and Samantha Brown’s show, “Great Hotels.”

I never thought that such small things would turn your whole day into a good happy day.

Usually in the summer if I wasn’t traveling around, I would stay up after midnight probably till 4:00 AM.

However, this summer I woke up one day at 9:00 AM and bought me the Double shot, tuned into the travel channel and played some nice song (Fairuz, sa2alony el nas). Samantha also has this smile that tells you “good morning” which makes you smile back and reply with “good morning to you too Samantha Brown.”

I liked it so much that I started sleeping early just to wake up in the morning and repeat this relaxation process. Now that school is back in few days, I know what will make me go to school in a good mood.

I recommend you all to try it.



  1. for some reason i anticipated “two shots” and Samantha in some other way lol

  2. sar7an said,

    I thought that I might mislead people with the headline. Thanks Deera chat

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