August 22, 2007


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I was flipping around my pictures that I took when I was in Kuwait. These pictures were taken when I was walking around outside souq sharq (سوق شرق)close to the seaside at 11:00 PM.


These pictures brought me some memories that aren’t helping me to tolerate school tomorrow. I don’t want to say that I am homesick, but I think there is still some small crumbles of homesick left in me whenever I see those kinds of pictures.


I study in the United States and been here for three years. I love the United States and their lifestyle, but the city that I’m in is very boring and not a perfect place for a student. The University is located in the downtown, and the downtown here is like one of the worst downtowns in the whole United States. You should never be surprised when you find a homeless walking around the school, even though the city are trying their best to keep the school clean and neat from the rest of the city. People here are very nice and decent. However, they are the worst in the fashion and clothing. I can’t believe what I see sometimes. For example; girls, in my opinion, are suppose to look the best when they go to school or work. However, in my school girls will have no problem going to school with their worst outfits. Sometimes they even come wearing stuff looks like pajamas or sweat pants that does not look very hot!


I guess where I am getting at is I just got a little bit sick of the city and started missing Kuwait and the lifestyle there. I missed the way people dressed and always got into the latest fashions, beautiful perfumes, beautiful looks, luxury cars and so on. All these stuff plays very important role in my psychological acceptance to studying, going out and such things.


Well, I guess I should have known what I was getting in when I came to the U.S. I like the country though. Its positives overcome its negatives when it comes to convenience.



  1. Mo Alfrj said,

    “they are the worst in the fashion and clothing ”

    u know what bro .. I’ve been doing the same as those ppl ur talking about since i came back from UK lol .. walla I swear my coming back home has gotten me into nothing but despair .. I know and realize how it feels to be away from home and It’s natural .. however, this feel is not as bad as coming back home with nothing had been gained which i hope it never happens to anyone who has traveled for studyin abroad :)

    by the way bro .. I miss u so bad walla .. we havnt met since april 2004 :( .. three yrs .. we’re missing u as much as ur missing Kuwait ..

    Finally I wish u the best in ur life my best friend ever

    7ummood =)

  2. sar7an said,

    Hala walla bo jasem. Dude, I know how you feel too. Don’t beat yourself though.

    and enshalla I’ll see you this christmas. However, make sure you won’t be “the same as those ppl” lol, JK

    Thanks 3al comment bo jassem

  3. abdulsalam said,

    at least you get video games at release date, but if your not into video games it wouldn’t matter. by the way I know how you feel, i have finished my studies in Hokkaido japan.

  4. F said,

    During my first couple of years abroad I was in awe with the lifestyle abroad and loved a lot of things about it; from the uni to the people to the services to the shopping. Something changed all of a sudden in my 3rd year. The admiration I had turned into sadness and a bit of depression and homesickness. I suddenly felt a huge appreciation to Kuwait and every single bit of it, I’d yearn for the tiniest silliest thing… and slowly started to feel annoyed about being abroad and how different people/things are. I looked at pictures and cried for the first time. Now in 5th year I’ve reached the optimum and feel numb. I miss Kuwait to the point where I feel sick and wonder why I chose to study abroad in the first place. At the same time I feel appreciative for what I have and where I am; happy to be in a good school in an exciting country…

    Never realised how hard it is to study abroad, and for that, you can’t help but feel brave and very proud of yourself. :)

    Keep your head up high!

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