September 16, 2007

Chicken Alfredo pasta

Posted in food, personal at 9:42 pm by Salah

This is my famous chicken Alfredo pasta that I was preparing for fo6oor.




  1. eshda3wa said,


  2. Jacqui said,

    Can I have some?

  3. sar7an said,

    Sure, I’ll send you a picture of “some.”

  4. Jacqui said,

    Aww thanks :)

  5. 7alal?

  6. sar7an said,

    You bet deera chat lol.

  7. dishevelled said,

    Looks YUMMY!
    Bil3afya! ;P

  8. sar7an said,

    allah y3afeek dishevelled

  9. Very.Q8ya said,

    woyyyyy =/ a7es wagt’ha now o ana yo3ana o batsa77ar =F

  10. sar7an said,

    Very.Q8ya this is exactly why I posted this topic. So that you hungry people can stare at this pic and go nuts. Bas enshalla I will be useful and I’ll post the directions of making this pasta.

  11. @lfr3d0maniac said,

    um um um good i need to know how to make a alfredo sauce that is really good and good enough to sell

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