September 16, 2007

within the hour

Posted in food, occasions, personal, random at 7:23 pm by Salah

Fast breaking is happening in 30 minutes, and I am still not done cooking the food. My cousin is going to yetfa6ar with me and he is bringing some stuff too. He’s also not done yet. I am starting to get impatient, so I decided to post something of what I am doing right now. I am re preparing the machboos of last time and also cooking my famous chicken Alfredo pasta. I wanted to post the cooking directions for both, machboos and chicken Alfredo, but I wasn’t ready yet. Next time enshalla. For now try to figure out the cooking process with these pics.

This is the machboos that I made


And this is the pasta I’m using for the chicken Alfredo


This is the chicken and the potatoes cooking


When I am done with the pasta, I’ll post a picture of the dish.

Oh, that’s the timer beeping telling me that the chicken is ready.

I’ll be back with more soon enshalla.




  1. Wer3Y said,


  2. hammoodee said,

    3awafi o taqabbal Allah 6a3atkum

  3. sar7an said,

    Allah y3afeek hammoodee.

    Ew wer3y, right back at you.

  4. Blue Dress said,

    I love alfredo!, bil3afya..

    im hungrey…..

  5. sar7an said,

    Allah y3afeek Blue Dress

  6. nani said,


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