September 17, 2007


Posted in personal, review, TV at 3:18 pm by Salah

I started watching heroes few days ago. Many people told me that Heroes is better than prison break; which I find it an insult unless it was 100% true fact.

The first two episodes were between boring and normal, but needed to be introduced to the characters and the story of the show. After that, the show starts picking up from there and gets more and more interesting. However, as my friend who watched the whole 1st season said, Heroes is good, but not as good as LOST, PRISON BREAK, or 24.

Don’t be let down if you haven’t seen the show yet. The show is really good, and I just got to chapter seven. I myself might find the show as good as prison break. Although so far it didn’t fly up to the greatness point, the show is highly advancing to that point. I loved the characters as the show goes deeper into their abilities and stories.

After all, I have to get my hands on something else beside studying to hold on to until fo6oor time.

Update: I just watched chapters eight, nine, and ten. The show turned to be really good. Now I can see myself waiting for season two even though I haven’t finished season one yet.



  1. Jacqui said,

    After Episode 10 you just can’t put it down, you’ll love it more and more.

  2. eshda3wa said,

    its good bs not as good as prison break

    its just too depressing

  3. sar7an said,

    eshda3wa, Jacqui

    I agree on what both of you said.

    Jacqui, I can’t put it down And eshda3wa, you are right. The show is not as good as prison break.

  4. chikapappi said,

    I got to 11 & the stupid CDs won’t work! I love it

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