September 19, 2007

Advertising time

Posted in occasions, personal, school at 1:00 pm by Salah

If there is something that really exhausts a fasting person, it will be creating ideas from scratches. I am working on the final round for project 1 and it could not be any harder. I hate it when the professor would be very brief in feedbacks and directions. I love Ramadan, but when it comes to be mixed with school work, it becomes a little bit exhausting. If you are wondering why am I writing this down, then you should know that this is a way for me to self steam a little bit.



  1. Very.Q8ya said,

    ajir inshallah

  2. Very.Q8ya said,

    3eedeek Mbaraak broo =]

  3. sar7an said,

    ayyamech sa3eeda q8ya

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