October 31, 2007

Studying tools

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I’m studying for my psychology test tomorrow, and I’m planning to stay up all night. Took a break, and I thought about writing something.

My tools to stay up all night or to increase the energy is caffeine. I usually drink starbucks coffee Double-Shot in the mornings, and at night RedBull is my drink. Sometimes I drink the Double-Shot at night because I feel it’s stronger. I usually drink the Double-Shot in the mornings because it refreshes my mind.

What do you guys think?


October 30, 2007

FIFA and Kuwait

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So the FIFA banned Kuwait “from all international matches because of governmental interference in the national game.” (www.soccernet.espn.go.com). [Link]

I got the link from Mark’s blog at http://www.248am.com

It just keeps rolling in Kuwait.

The Tokyo Motor Show 2007

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I just found these amazing concept cars on the MSN page. They were presented in the Tokyo Motor Show. These cars were amazingly created and designed. I never thought I would see such things in the real world. I loved the Nissan Pivo 2.

Here are more pictures of different concept cars. (click on the picture to see the whole thing) Read the rest of this entry »

October 29, 2007

The battle between Netflix and Blockbuster

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One of the readers asked me why I don’t get Netflix instead of Blockbuster. And I have always wanted to write something about that matter, and this is the perfect time.

I used to have Netflix for a year approximately. It was very good deal when first was introduced to the online renting system. I enjoyed it for a while until I got bored of movies, and canceled the account. However, I went to Blockbuster once and they told me that they had the same online service of Netflix and the same prices but better. Read the rest of this entry »

Bad Blockbuster!

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I am currently very pissed off with what blockbuster did to me. I received “The Godfather part II” along with another movie. Now I did not know that the godfather’s movie Part II had 2 discs, but it did. And what blockbuster did is that they placed disc 2 in the envelope of disc 1. I played the second disc before I even saw the first disc. After I realized that the movie ended very early and that it was disc 2, I opened the second envelop to find another disc 2. So Blockbuster sent me two “Disc 2” of the godfather part II movie. I’m just too pissed to even explain it more. However, I want to say that my friend told me his experience with blockbuster and that he had these kinds of issues all the time when he was subscribed with them.

I was really looking forward to watch the part II of the godfather and Blockbuster (my main movie-watching source) screwed me up! I addition to that, all the options I had to report my problem are few choices of whther I received the wrong DVD or wrong envelop and such things.

And after I choose the problem, they’ll ask me if I want them to send the movie again, or if I want the next movie on my list to be sent. Well what about the five or six days you took from my plan by messing the order? I would have gotten six different movies instead of three

Nice going, Blockbuster.

October 27, 2007

SAW IV is on

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Yesterday, Friday October 25th, SAW IV started playing in the theaters. I watched the whole three sequels of SAW. Although the ending of SAW on the last sequel was good, I was not very pleased with how the ended it. It just wasn’t as good as I expected it to be. Now that SAW IV is on, I’m thinking that the whole smart ending is going to be on that sequel. I’m going to the movie tonight with a friend and I just hope it won’t be a loss of time. Specially that the theater is going to be crowded. I mean really crowded because of the whole Halloween thing. The Yahoo user movie-ratings are not stable yet. It’s only 900 and some users that rated the movie. So far it’s rated B, but that absolutely says nothing about the movie. If I had time tonight, I’ll post something about the movie after I watch it. By the way, is SAW allowed in the movies in Kuwait? I think it is not allowed to be played in the theater, right?

October 24, 2007

Abdulhaleem being annoyed by the audience

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I found this amazing video on youtube a while ago for abdulhaleem being annoyed by the audience. This is the first time I see Abdulhaleem, or any old Arab celebrity react so real.

October 23, 2007

Godfather the game

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Yesterday I tried “Godfather the game” on my ps3. At first I was not very interested when I first heard about it, but when I tried it I realized that this might be one of the best games I played. It is really close to the GTA style, but even more stuff to do and take care of. You are kind of playing the story of the Godfather movie one. However, you are a person who is serving the Godfather by working to him, but not directly. You begin with very little respect, reputation, money, and strength. You have to build all these up through your work by extorting people and businesses to make money to protect them, and the Corleones (the Godfather’s family) earn a percentage of your earnings. By building up your character you build your name too. So you start as an unofficial enforcer for the Corleone and by working, you find your way into becoming a Don. There are a lot of stuff that I haven’t tried yet in the game. Therefore, I’ll stop here.

The graphics of the game is not like the HD games, but playing the game will make you not think about it.

Just talking about makes me want to play the game.

New blog name

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I changed my blog name into Relaxing. I think it’s better.

Also my nickname, it’s Salah now.

October 22, 2007

My plasma TV

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Last time I posted a small topic about my new LG plasma. Now this is my second more-detailed topic.

I bought the TV from best buy and it was priced for $1199 $1100. However that’s before tax, the HDMI cables, and the warranty. The price after all those things came close to $1700. I bought two HDMI cables, each cost about $80. The warranty is for $250.

Now let’s talk about the TV. Read the rest of this entry »

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