October 19, 2007

So I bought a plasma TV

Posted in electronics, personal, review, TV, video games at 3:31 pm by Salah

Yesterday I bought a LG plasma TV from Best Buy. It’s 42″ 720p. I got it for $1100.

I like it, but honestly I don’t recommend the plasma TVs for a simple change from a regular TV. You have to be really devoted to the requirements of the HD TVs. Imagine that when I called LG customer service the guy told me that it is not recommended to play PS3 or video games on the plasmas! So why in the hell did I pay $1100 for the TV?!

I want to talk about it more, but I’m saving my energy for a better post with a little bit more details.



  1. mo79uk said,

    Spot on.

    Standard definition looks best on a regular CRT, but of course manufacturers aren’t tripping over themselves to sway you from purchasing these slim lovelies that are easier to produce and repair.

    Games aren’t particularly bad on a plasma or LCD, it depends on how touchy you are about refresh rate and whether or not you can obtain HD titles too.

  2. chikaP said,

    Well, at least don’t complain about it! Enjoy what you have :)

  3. sar7an said,

    Chikap, I’m not complaining at all. As a matter of a fact I’m glad that I bought one. However, I was kind of freaked out to hear that ps3 is bad on plasma from LG’s customer service. However, they say these things only to be sure that they are giving out every possible precaution. I don’t care, I will play ps3 on that TV any freakin’ way!

  4. sar7an said,

    mo97uk, I got you on the regular TVs part. However, I didn’t quite understand you on the video games thing. Now did you mean that the only downside of the video games on plasma is whether the plasma tolerate HD or not?

  5. mo79uk said,

    Hi again, sorry for the confusion.

    What I meant was that HD titles – be it films or games look better on Plasmas than SD titles, so obviously you’d be happier getting HD content where possible.

    Some people have issues with ghosting overall on gaming on Plasmas but these seem to be getting ironed out with successive TVs. I wouldn’t sweat it. ;)

  6. sar7an said,

    That’s what I want to hear mo79uk. Thanks man.

  7. Rudolph Bird said,

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