October 22, 2007

My plasma TV

Posted in electronics, kuwait, personal, review, TV, video games at 1:59 pm by Salah


Last time I posted a small topic about my new LG plasma. Now this is my second more-detailed topic.

I bought the TV from best buy and it was priced for $1199 $1100. However that’s before tax, the HDMI cables, and the warranty. The price after all those things came close to $1700. I bought two HDMI cables, each cost about $80. The warranty is for $250.

Now let’s talk about the TV.

The TV looks cool and neat. It gives a nice decoration to my apt itself. I think that there are no HD channels in Kuwait yet. So you guys at Kuwait will probably not know how crystal clear the picture looks when you have an HDMI cable and an HD channel. However, you can see from the picture above that the TV’s screen has no lines or anything like a regular TV when you take a picture for it.

Now the HD channels will look great, but for some reason not every HD channel looks as crystal as the others. For example; the Discovery HD channel will make you crazy for how beautiful the picture looks. Nevertheless, NBC HD channel looks not that good, and there also few channels don’t look that good as well. Now the regular old channels are the worst con for the HD TVs. If you think that your regular TV doesn’t produce perfect picture for a regular channel, then you have to see how crappy it will look on an HD TV. It makes it million times worse than the regular tube TVs.

However, the U.S won’t have big problem with that because a lot of channels are HD and the channels that are not HD are on their way to launch HD in no time.

As for the DVD playing on the plasma, it is awesome. If your DVD has an HDMI output then you will enjoy your movies a lot. That’s of course the regular DVD player. Now the BLU-RAY DVDs are a different story as far as I know. I said as far as I know because I haven’t played a BLU-RAY DVD yet. I can’t wait to try the BLU-RAY, although for some reason I don’t know how much to expect from the BLU-RAY.

I hooked the HDMI into my ps3 and played call of duty 3 and the boxing game. It was amazingly breath taking. The picture was more than beautiful. The technology went to a great place with the video games and the HD TVs. I have to say as far as the picture goes to the video games and the TV it is perfect. However, I am still concerned about when I heard that I should not leave the game in a pause situation for a long time because it might burn the picture in the screen. It is kind of a bad thing, but then how long does it really take the still-picture to burn into the screen is unknown to me.

Do I recommend the TV?

To the guys in the U.S, yes.

To the people in Kuwait, not for now. Because the channels are not HD yet in Kuwait, you’ll buy the TV to watch the channels worse than they are now. However, you will enjoy it with your XBOX 360 and PS3. You will also enjoy it if you buy the HD or BLU-RAY movies; which you’ll need a PS3 for BLU-RAY DVDs and XBOX 360 for the HD movies. So basically when you buy a plasma or LCD high def TV you’ll invest your purchase in the video games and the HD and BLU-RAY DVDs. My advice is to wait a year or at least until you see a progress in the TV broadcasting if you don’t want to buy the TV only for games and DVDs. The prices will also drop down from where it is now.

By the way, how much does it cost for plasma and LCD TVs in Kuwait?



  1. chikaP said,

    ok… no reason for you to complain, mashallah I love it! looks hot & sexy! I like black stuff!

  2. sar7an said,

    Thanks Chikap. I’m not complaining, but sometimes I look for the promise that brands offer to the consumer.

  3. Guy said,

    Um… not to be rude, but why pay $80 a peice for HDMI cables? It’s a digital signal. You don’t receive any kind of a boost in signal clarity for the more expensive cables any more than you would get out of a $10 cable. It’s all 0’s and 1’s when using HDMI, unlike when using an analog connection. So if for some reason you ever have to buy a new HDMI cable, buy the cheaper versions as you’ll get the same picture quality.

  4. Salah said,

    To be honest with you Guy,
    I’ve always doubted how different would it be when using the HDMI cable. I actually think that you are right specially that I didn’t try the regular cable on my HDTV. However, there must be a reason why these cables are expensive…right?

  5. Johnna Garza said,

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  6. LCD TVs can really save you from high electricity bills and office space `~.

  7. Bar Fridge said,

    i think that plasma tvs are more expensive than LCD tvs and they are a bit heavier too ‘;~

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