October 27, 2007

SAW IV is on

Posted in kuwait, movies, personal, review at 12:12 pm by Salah

Yesterday, Friday October 25th, SAW IV started playing in the theaters. I watched the whole three sequels of SAW. Although the ending of SAW on the last sequel was good, I was not very pleased with how the ended it. It just wasn’t as good as I expected it to be. Now that SAW IV is on, I’m thinking that the whole smart ending is going to be on that sequel. I’m going to the movie tonight with a friend and I just hope it won’t be a loss of time. Specially that the theater is going to be crowded. I mean really crowded because of the whole Halloween thing. The Yahoo user movie-ratings are not stable yet. It’s only 900 and some users that rated the movie. So far it’s rated B, but that absolutely says nothing about the movie. If I had time tonight, I’ll post something about the movie after I watch it. By the way, is SAW allowed in the movies in Kuwait? I think it is not allowed to be played in the theater, right?



  1. Saw IV in Kuwait? Probably on DVD’s! On the series, Saw and Saw II were great, SAW III was not scary at all :)

  2. chikaP said,

    I seriously hate those movies.. gory genre.. yukh! Enjoy!

  3. loco said,

    akrah film bel tareeeee5 SORRY

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