October 29, 2007

Bad Blockbuster!

Posted in movies, personal, review at 2:18 am by Salah

I am currently very pissed off with what blockbuster did to me. I received “The Godfather part II” along with another movie. Now I did not know that the godfather’s movie Part II had 2 discs, but it did. And what blockbuster did is that they placed disc 2 in the envelope of disc 1. I played the second disc before I even saw the first disc. After I realized that the movie ended very early and that it was disc 2, I opened the second envelop to find another disc 2. So Blockbuster sent me two “Disc 2” of the godfather part II movie. I’m just too pissed to even explain it more. However, I want to say that my friend told me his experience with blockbuster and that he had these kinds of issues all the time when he was subscribed with them.

I was really looking forward to watch the part II of the godfather and Blockbuster (my main movie-watching source) screwed me up! I addition to that, all the options I had to report my problem are few choices of whther I received the wrong DVD or wrong envelop and such things.

And after I choose the problem, they’ll ask me if I want them to send the movie again, or if I want the next movie on my list to be sent. Well what about the five or six days you took from my plan by messing the order? I would have gotten six different movies instead of three

Nice going, Blockbuster.



  1. chikaP said,

    oh, it’s ok I guess… at least you know now how things end :P

  2. Chirp said,

    Why don’t you get netflix?

  3. Salah said,

    Chirp, read my new post. You’ll find the answer.

  4. Salah said,

    Chikap, why do I have the feeling that you had no idea what was I talking about? lol

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