October 29, 2007

The battle between Netflix and Blockbuster

Posted in movies, review, services, USA at 2:43 pm by Salah


One of the readers asked me why I don’t get Netflix instead of Blockbuster. And I have always wanted to write something about that matter, and this is the perfect time.

I used to have Netflix for a year approximately. It was very good deal when first was introduced to the online renting system. I enjoyed it for a while until I got bored of movies, and canceled the account. However, I went to Blockbuster once and they told me that they had the same online service of Netflix and the same prices but better. When you receive three discs from Blockbuster you can exchange them in store for free with another three discs to watch until you receive your next three discs from online. Also by dropping your movies at a Blockbuster store, then the three discs are delivered and you don’t have to wait for the mail man to deliver it to Blockbuster which takes at least one or two days. Therefore, you only wait for the time that takes to be delivered to you. So with Netflix when you receive your discs and finish watching them, you’ll drop them in the mailbox and wait for Netflix to receive them. After they receive the discs, you’ll wait for the next ones to be delivered to you. This whole thing takes three to four days and sometimes more.

Now Netflix are trying to compete with Blockbuster, so they added to their services online-watching movies. When you subscribe, you have your discs received, and you can also watch a specific number of movies on their website. While Netflix had that, Blockbuster now lowered their services. Blockbuster allows now only five in-store exchanges for the plan I have now, after they had it unlimited. Blockbuster also used to give coupons every month for one free movie or video game renting in store.

All these features that Blockbuster used to give made them beat the hell out of Netflix. So I had to subscribe.

Today, however, I am rethinking which service I would be better off with; Blockbuster or Netflix. Specially that with Netflix I have never had any problems with them, except once when I received a damaged disc, which is very unusual and might be caused by the mail shipment. Blockbuster on the other hand had some kind of a bad reputation with their online movies. As I mentioned in my previous post, my friend used to be subscribed with Blockbuster and he always told me that they sent him the wrong movies many times that he thought they must be out of the movie he wanted so they send him another movie for the same actor of the movie he originally wanted. That happened to me yesterday, but instead of sending the wrong movie they sent me two disc-2 of the godfather part II, and no Disc-1.

I still think that Blockbuster has better features, but if they kept going with their mistakes then I will have to save my money for more guaranteed services.



  1. Chirp said,

    Wow a lot has changed in the year I was gone from the states. Blockbuster does offer better incentives, but its quality that matters most I guess.
    I never really had any issues with netflix when I was in the US though. Your not going to watch the three movies at the same time right? So you watch one put it in the mail 3ala ma yo9al il yideed ila u finished the other 2 and they’re in the mail also right?

  2. Salah said,

    Chirp, sometimes I feel like watching a specific movie at that night. So with Netflix you’re stuck with what you already ordered. With Blockbuster, however, I can exchange the movie from online anytime at the store.

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