October 30, 2007

FIFA and Kuwait

Posted in kuwait, news, sports at 9:05 pm by Salah

So the FIFA banned Kuwait “from all international matches because of governmental interference in the national game.” (www.soccernet.espn.go.com). [Link]

I got the link from Mark’s blog at http://www.248am.com

It just keeps rolling in Kuwait.



  1. Shake a tree long enough, and something’s bound to drop on your head! Check out tonight’s KTV Sports Channel, they’ve asked Ahmed Al Yousef to come on and explain this mess (like it needed any more explanations after last night’s interview with Khaled Al Yousef! and Jassem Ashkanani!)

  2. snookie said,

    hmm.. lets see..

    football team
    institutionalized slavery
    incompetant/uneducated police force

    what else is there left to be internationally embarrased about? :|

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