November 15, 2007

Call of Duty 4: modern warfare [few issues]

Posted in electronics, news, personal, review, services, video games at 11:01 pm by Salah

I bought COD4 for the ps3 when it came out on the market. I am a fan of the call of duty games, but this game is great. They have modified the online gaming to a great level of enjoyment and excitement. You can do a lot of things when you are playing online. First of all, every time you kill someone in any kind of game mode you will get scores for it and it will add up to give options of modifying your weapons and grenades and such things. You also get promoted to a lot of ranks on your way up. Also every weapon has its own challenge. For example, when you get the sniper and kill 100 people with it, you would get the option to add a better scope for it.

Some other goods about the new Call of Duty 4 online gaming is that you can now create a private room, edit game settings and invite friends. All these things were not available for the Call of Duty 3 on the ps3.

Great news for the Call of Dutylovers who owns a ps3 is that the COD4 now has an offline-multiplayer for either split screen or LAN network.

It is just easy to get addicted to the online game. Oh, I forgot to mention the graphics. The graphics is so far the best graphics I have ever seen on any ps3 game since I got the HDTV. The details are magnificent.

All that said, the game is pissing off a lot of people (including myself) with the errors of the online gaming. Many issues are there, and my issue is that for some reason the progress I get in the online gaming is not being saved. I tried to find a manually-save option but couldn’t find anything. I know for sure that the game is supposed to save the progress automatically, but it is not doing it. I have been playing a lot and reaching good promotions and weapon-options but this issue is killing my work.

I’m getting frustrated that I reached a point where I don’t even want to waste my time playing the online for no saved-progress.

I hope they would find a solution to that problem.



  1. Joey said,

    Hey, great to read this, online options are VERY important.
    I was going to buy the ps3 and MOH: Airborne, but after finding out that online is, more than a little, lacking, i heard about cod4.
    My friends got it for pc and loved it, and i think i’ll get it instead of airborne when i buy my ps3.
    I am wondering if there is a list of servers running and if you can name a server you create. Also, is there a “host kick” option?
    Please respond, as i said online options are very important.
    P.S. More info on these errors and such?

  2. Salah said,

    Hey Joey.

    Yes there is the option of creating a private server but I don’t think you can name it. I don’t even think that people can find it unless you invite them. So when you want to have a private game between you and your friends you have to have them as your ps3 buddies and then invite them when you establish the private server. As for the errors and bugs online, the game sucks big time. Everyone has a different online issue. My unsaved-progress problem is only happening to me and one other guy I read about online. However, other people are having problems with the server itself. They can’t reach any server, or they have to wait for a very long time. This problem I think is the most occurring problem. Well my advice for you is to wait for the COD4 until they come up with a solution for all of these problems. Otherwise you are paying for a game that has at least one problem and that is online.

  3. Joey said,

    Thanks Salah! big help

    Right now i am torn. MoH: A turned out sucky and now this…i really wanted the ps3 but if its all bad i dunno…
    I’ve never been a big fan of the CoD series, does infinity ward usually fix these types of things? EA would not-battlefield 2 for ps2 has had the same bulletin about lag bullshit for about 2 or 3 years LOL…please get back to me and thanks for the information.

  4. Salah said,

    Right now while I’m typing this message I am trying to get back my progress, but no use so far. Before, I used to get my progress back after multiple attempts; but for the last few days I think I lost them for good this time. Listen, if you want my opinion, get the ps3 and don’t think about that problem. The ps3 is a good bargain and the COD4 is one tiny bad thing. The whole issue is about the COD4 and not the ps3 system. Don’t forget that with the ps3 you automatically get the blu-ray software in the system and believe me you will love it.

  5. Joey said,

    GREAT advice Salah, thanks so much!
    I’m glad you say this, because after reading your last post and thinking about it, i mentioned mabye not wanting the ps3 for Xmas (16yo Dec 3)
    And guess what!? she said it was too late, “it already is”!!!!
    i’m ecstatic, i’m sure i’ll love the ps3 system and, to be honest, anything new is going to be fun! LOL! so hopefully i’ll get it for my bday and not Xmas
    THANK YOU Salah for your great advice, i’m keeping this on my favorites incase you keep posting, hopefully they do something about online-campain will be great anyway

  6. Salah said,

    No problem Joey. If you like the sony playstation trilogy, then this blog is the right place. I am a big fan of the sony ps3, and a big enemy to the XBOX360. I’ll try to post some stuff about the upcoming games on the PS3 and such things.

  7. Justin said,

    Hey there Salah i just wanted to say that i am having the same problem with call of duty 4 online. Today i lost 5 hours off progress and hundreds of kills. I WAS SOOOO MAD. I never had these problem before it’s all the sudden and it’s pissing me off. Thanks for your time and input.

  8. Sam said,

    Tonight I lost my online progress too. I lost maybe six hours of play time. What is happening?

  9. Nadz said,

    help! the same is happening to me since yesterday. i lost loads of progress and and all my classes are never saved! its really frustratin. makes the games almost not worth playin. this is on ps3 too btw. every time i come online it goes back to level 26 no matter how much i level up!

  10. Bjorn said,

    Got the same problem, no matter how long I play or evolve in ranks, when I shut down my PS3 and check again, I’m always back to level 37… This sucks!!

  11. CJ said,

    Only got the game yesterday, first save was ok and every other one has messed up but somehow it’s saved it on my accuracy settings. I keep having to restart at level 3. NOT IMPRESSED!

  12. Saam said,

    SAME!! I started it and got up like 9 ranks, then i switched off the ps3 and came back on and it was on rank 1 again. I am getting really annoyed!!
    What do i do?? HELP SALAH

  13. Traipse said,

    My brother and I just started having this same issue last night. It’s not saving either of our progress. it’s strange thought that it only just started for us and their are others having this issue several days before.

  14. DeuceDeuce said,

    Obviously there is an issue that manifested last night. Looks like it happened to everyone- me included. Lets give them 24 hrs to sort it out before we go into full panic but I wouldn’t keep playing expecting different results right now. I’m going over to check out IW’s site for an update. I’ll come back and post if i find out anything. -22

  15. DeuceDeuce said,

    Al sorts of angry folks over there. They have to be working it at this point.

  16. exit said,

    my ps3 is not saving my rank i waz in rank 36 and i got to rank 40 and when i turn it off it went back to rank 36… and my brother happen the same thing when he stared he waz in rank 1 and he got to rank 10 and when he turn and turn it back on he waz in rank one again i love my ps3 but its getting me mad so i dont play like that so i use my computer and go to myspace and talk to people. so if some ones how to fix can u please tell me how my e-mail is

  17. Rojas209 said,

    I got COFD4 for my PS3 and loved it, unitill i turned off my ps3 today….
    it was the first time i played it online, i did some damage got a few ranks and then to find out nothing saved not even the players meet…im not playing it again untill they fix this

  18. alex said,

    FuC*****ng game , it happend to me 2 times first time i thought i did something wrong but now its been like 10 hours total, im so mad now.

    any news?

  19. olibkk said,

    The same shit happened to me…lost hours of progress !!! Considering also that I have to wait several minutes to reach a server, I was ready to sell the game today. Well, now I know I’m not the only one… Hope they will fix the problem very soon.

  20. Jesper said,

    I am having problem when i quit my online game then it does not save and i feel like i am wasting time playing cod4. does anyone know how i can fix this???
    plz write back and tell me how to change this so i am not wasting my time playing cod4 thanks!

  21. Bjorn said,

    They promised to give an answer the first working day, so maybe wait until tomorrow…if not, maybe it’s time to start playing my other 8 games I haven’t touched since I started playing COD 4 ^_^

  22. olibkk said,

    that’s sucks big time! So we have to wait and see on Monday… Hours wasted on that game!!! Anyone else got also problem trying to reach a server?

  23. Bjorn said,

    The server issue is due to the fact that no one will play unless they evolve in ranks, nobody wants to play for nothing, so there aren’t that much servers online right now…

  24. Salah said,

    I believe that this problem is huge and so far I am considering myself ripped off by IW.

  25. olibkk said,

    I’ve got server issue since I bought the game, about 2 weeks ago…

  26. Bjorn said,

    How long does it take for you to go in a server?

  27. olibkk said,

    Well, if i am lucky… less than a minute but usually I can wait for another 5 to 15mn. Sometime it’s worst so I simply give up !

  28. Bjorn said,

    Strange, because it usually take about 30seconds and if takes much longer you start a server of your own…

  29. olibkk said,

    I’ll try to start a server next time…

  30. Bjorn said,

    It happens automatically after a while…

  31. Joey said,

    well, Happy bday to me! i got cod4 and i like it a lot! i am “joining” a multiplayer server as i type…can’t wait for airborne at christmas so i can play with my friends, good investment, can’t wait for good servers

  32. olibkk said,

    Any news on fixing online problems?

  33. Bjorn said,

    It is working again, got no problems what so ever!! Hope this is for everyone good luck and meet you on the battlefield (id:Tiranosaurus)

  34. Joey said,

    Really? cause i’m having some trouble getting into a match…beat the game lol! less than 10 hours

  35. olibkk said,

    I can finally save my progress… They fixed it, that’s the good news. But still, I need to wait big time to reach any server!

  36. Arman said,

    I am arman from kurdistan/iraq
    i bought this game yesterday for my pc and i was very happy.
    After i installed this game and after completing first training i got this problem:
    (can not create hunkusag.Dat)
    however i solved this problem by deleting hunkusag.Dat file.
    Then it played correctly.
    I played it for a long time then when i turned of my pc and turned it on none of my progress was saved.
    I serched and founded you the best to discuss my problem.
    Please help me if you know any thing about it…
    Mail me:
    Sorry for bad english…

  37. Arman said,

    Hi to all.
    I am arman
    I had this problem like you.
    My game did not save any of my progress.
    But second time When i crated a NEW PROFILE my game saved all of my progress.
    It may work on PS3 so go and greate a New Profile and play game on your new profile,I wish it works for you.

  38. Arman said,

    Hi to all.
    I am arman
    I had this problem like you.
    My game did not save any of my progress.
    But second time When i crated a NEW PROFILE my game saved all of my progress.
    It may work on PS3 so go and greate a New Profile and play game on your new profile,I wish it works for you.
    If it work please mail me:

  39. Joey said,

    They did a new update today! No more waiting for games! i just got into two games instantly in a row!!!!! long live COD4!

  40. demp12 said,

    Hey everyone.. would love some help on my problem
    none of my progress on X-box 360 live is not saving. yesterday I got to level 25, and when i came on today iwas level 22 ( where i started yesterday) and tonight i decided to ignore it and played again and got to level 26, turned it off and on and i was level 23:( if anyone could tell me why this is happening that would be great

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