January 26, 2008

White Noise

Posted in celebrities, movies, personal, review, TV at 3:46 pm by Salah

I watched the movie that I always wanted to watch, White Noise. Every time I see it on TV or on the shelves of Blockbuster I get eager to watch, but in the same time not very confident that it will be satisfying. At first I thought the movie was made around 1996 or something because I never knew that Geoffrey Sax Michael Keaton did a movie recently. The movie turned to be a 2005 movie.

After I came back from the movies for “Meet the Spartans,” which is one hell of a crappy movie that will have its own post, I sat down and watched “White Noise.”

I can sum up the whole thing by telling you that I was very satisfied for watching this movie, and as usual, Geoffrey Sax Michael Keaton did not disappoint at all.

This movie is about contacting the dead and receiving messages from them (one of my extreme interests). As Geoffrey’s Michael’s wife dies from a car accident, a guy shows up and tells Geoffrey that he has been in contact with his dead wife.

If I keep talking about the story I might spoil it. However, this little part that I mentioned is what made eager to watch the movie. I promise you, if you love these kinds of stories and movies, you will love White Noise. Oh by the way, this whole contacting the dead is something true and the movie mentions some things about it in real life.

At first I had The Exorcism of Emily Rose as the only scariest movie I have ever watched, and now White Noise comes in second.

Watch it!



  1. blasha said,

    watch white noise 2

  2. Salah said,

    I am thinking of watching it, but because Michael Keaton is not in it, I don’t think it will be good. Not to mention that they are repeating a movie, which usually sucks.

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