February 6, 2008

10 items or less

Posted in personal, review, TV, USA at 11:42 am by Salah


I have been watching some episodes of “10 items or less” season two, and I think the show is ok. The reason I am saying the show is ok is because the first time I watched an episode for the show, I hated it a lot. I just couldn’t find the episode funny, but I thought that I might find it so when I watch more episodes. It happened to me a lot that I watch one episode of some show and I hate it, but then I start liking it when I keep watching the episodes. I think that what makes a show good is when you get to know the characters well enough.

That’s why now I am finding “10 items or less” a little bit more amusing than before. It still didn’t get me to the point where I want to keep up with every single episode.

So far the characters that I understood are:

Leslie, who is the manager and the owner of the grocery store where most of the show takes place.

I think that’s all what I got so far.


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