August 30, 2008

First food trip for Ramadan

Posted in Blogroll at 6:50 pm by Salah

Today the weather was really beautiful. Sunny and warm, but not too warm.

Since Ramadan is really close, I went to one of those Islamic food (deli) markets here in Richmond, and got some stuff that might be on our dish for fotoor.

Even though I have been going to this place, Petra Food, for a while now to get Halal meat, I used my Garmin street pilot GPS for directions. I wanted to see how my two-years-old GPS is working today. It appeared that I really need to either get a new GPS or to update it.

I tried to trick the GPS by going to a different route but same direction, and see if I would beat the GPS in discovering a faster and shorter route. Well, the route felt pretty much the same even though it was completely new for me. I want to talk about it more later so we’ll leave the review like that for now.

On my way back home, I saw this truck, I think a gasoline truck, and it had this painting that you see in the picture. I have always been wondering who is responsible for painting and decorating these commercials trucks. If it was fuel truck (and I am positive it is) then it has nothing to do with elephants and wild life. So what’s up?

Well, it’s cool for the eye of the road-trip driver to see such paintings when he/she is driving for many hours.



  1. ynotoman said,

    I wonder if you have the traditional drink here in The Gulf ‘Vimto”

  2. Salah said,

    yes we do, but only in those islamic stores.

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