September 2, 2008

Anime, kicked off by “Death Note”

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So the first day of Ramadan wasn’t that bad, but hunger really got to me because I didn’t eat suhoor. Although it is Monday, we were safe from experiencing school on a first day Ramadan; yes I’ll be in school for the rest of Ramadan, but the first day of Ramadan was better with no school.

Setting school-work aside, I have been playing video games lately a lot, specifically GTA IV and COD4. Also, lately I’ve been really into anime.

I started liking anime after watching “Death Note,” which I randomly decided to watch and it turned to be one of the best things I watched whether it was a movie, TV shows or anything else.

So I downloaded other anime hoping it would be as good. The anime I downloaded are:

  • Ghost in shell
  • Blood: The last vampire
  • Ah my Goddess
  • Full metal panic

I watched “Ghost in shell” and it was very good, but it’s one of those stories that need a good attention or you’ll get really lost. You could get the basic idea of the story and it would make the movie watchable, but you’ll not enjoy it as much as if you understood it well.

Now “Blood: the last vampire” seems like one hell of an anime. I watched the first few minutes of it, and it couldn’t tempt me more to watch the whole thing. The graphics are cool and, for me, it’s something new making it a bit different than a normal anime.

I’m still wondering how I am going to watch “Full metal panic,” because it is in Japanese and no subtitles. So, until I find a way to add subtitles in it, I’ll wait before watching it.

This is like a new path that I’m taking by watching anime. It feels good to know that you have an interest in something new and you know that there is a whole world of this thing you are interested in.

One of the other main reasons why I am watching anime right now is a blog I read constantly. The blogger is a big fan of anime and he has a huge segment in his blog for the anime he watches. I recommend that you visit his blog and check the anime he watched and reviewed. I check his blog if I wanted to look up good anime. You can do so here.



  1. Bojacob said,

    I didn’t like the first Full Metal Panic, but the second season “Fumoffu” was friggin funny as hell! Give that a look.

  2. Salah said,

    will do so, but I don’t like watching a show beginning with a second or middle season. I prefer watching shows with their seasons in order even if it meant that I have to put up with boring stuff for a while.

  3. BlueFakes said,

    I liked “Fumoffu” too, and I love Death Note.

  4. Neoark25 said,

    Good to find someone interestd in anime.

    recommend Hajime No Ippo, Fullmetal Alchamist, School Rumble.

  5. Maymin said,

    i LOVE DEATH NOTE just like GOLF n MIKE do

    u RULE

  6. aoimizu said,

    L kakoii….and sugoii…….!!!!

  7. hi there!
    I made on photoshop anime myspace banners.
    have a look at them:
    Thanks a lot for your website :-) xxoxo

  8. fajriansyah said,

    hy gw ska nonton film nie
    blh minta nmor hp gx?

  9. fajriansyah said,

    hy blh minta nmor hp gx

  10. RizaHawkeye said,


  11. nanda said,

    death note bagus lho crtanya…
    diulang lg donk!!!

  12. Dian Anggraini Utami said,

    hii.. DEATH NOTE Is cool……. bangetzzzzzzzz

  13. tukimin said,

    gambar’a jelek” amat ?????
    kreatif dikit donq. . . .
    klo gx pny tim kreatif g bs koq . . .
    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha . .
    g seriuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz . .

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