October 29, 2008

SAW V [the best SAW since the first one]

Posted in movies, review tagged , , , at 1:31 am by Salah

I just went to SAW V, and I proudly want to say that, unlike the rest of SAW parts after the first one, SAW V was just as good as the first one when it came out all new to the audience.

Surprising stuff that honestly turned all the SAW trilogy to make sense after all. I mean it really makes sense now more than ever.

Even though you will have the satisfaction to see what SAW is all promising (bloody-games), you will notice that this part is focusing more on how to explain the story to you. It will explain what SAW was all about since SAW one.

The characters in the movie are the best ever. And they had to be like that because as mentioned before, the movie is basing the facts to paint the whole structure of SAW V.
It is worth going to the movies and you just don’t have to choose between SAW and whatever movie is played with it.

Not a five star movie. However, I’ll give it a 3.5 since the movie wasn’t extremely good as the first one and not bad at all. It satisfies and that deserves the 3.5.

My overall rating:



  1. F said,

    Hehe I remember going to the first one and it was one of the most horrible experiences. Very twisted and nasty!

  2. Salah said,

    It’s SAW, and that’s the signature of SAW–aggressive blood shed.

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