October 30, 2008

American Family Fitness

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So I joined the “American family fitness” at the west end. The place has many great things about it for everyone, and some things are really good for my own situation. First of all them gym is really close to my place, so I don’t have to worry about gas, traffic, or timing.

The place is huge, with two stories and almost-countless numbers of cardio machines. About %85 of these cardio machines include a personal TV on them with a headphones port so you can enjoy your TV experience without any noise. There is this huge swimming area, with one for track-swimming, and another for just taking a dip in the pool and also a kids’ pool area. Of course there are those many classes like Yoga, cycling, and other stuff that are all free with the membership. Different services available also like a personal trainer, massage sessions, and some special classes. Also, I have to mention that there are a bunch of machines that you can stick a memory chip in them so that the machine will record your weights and reps; and that helps you knowing how you did last time.

All these things (except for classes and personal trainers) are operated 24 hours during the week except Sunday I think. Even the pool is opened 24 hours!

I got my membership contract for $40 a month as a student contract. It’s exactly what I used to pay for gold’s gym at Parham road, but this time it’s worth the 40 bucks!

Why do I prefer to pay $40 for American Family and not Gold’s Gym?

Gold’s gym:

One floor.

Very few machines (which makes some machines’ places better than others for TV and window view).

No swimming pool.

Comparatively old machines.

10 minutes drive to the gym (probably 20 or more in traffic).

Not opened 24 hours.

American Family:

Huge two stories building.

Awesome, new, high-tech, machines.

Lots and lots of machines, which makes them available all the time!

Decent swimming pool.

A running track on the second floor (I forgot how long it was, maybe a one mile).

1 minute drive from my place.

Opens 24 hours.

The location itself in the west end is way cooler and better than Parham road.



  1. B.Oz said,

    3adel bo 9loaa7.. Shakly yayek ;)

  2. Salah said,

    ahlan bel semi-semey.. yalla 3ashan y9eer fe gym-mate.

  3. F said,

    You definitely made a good decision by changing cause it sounds like a great place. The best part is that it’s only one minute away. Waina min zman, ha? I wish I had a gym like that nearby.

  4. Salah said,

    F: Yea I know! This is a new gym. There was the same American family at the same area but it was an old one and absolutely not as good.

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