November 2, 2008

Conair whirlpool massaging, foot spa

Posted in gadgets, review at 3:37 am by Salah

I’ve been eyeballing this foot spa for a while and wondering whether it was a good product for its price or not. It’s sold in Wal-Mart for $30, and it’s basically a foot spa with the elements of water, bubbles, vibrations, heat, and water jet. So today I passed by it and decided to just get it already.

Everything about it is appealing; the features sound really cool for that price, but you have to remember that there is a limit of how good such thing would be for $30.

It’s very easy to install and prepare. Just add water in the bowl, soak your feet, and push the desired options from the buttons. You’d feel that the machine is doing it’s best but it can not handle things very well. The water-jet power is too weak to massage your feet, but you can feel it though. There is a vibrator option which is honestly useless.

Now the bubbles are one thing that’s good about this massaging device. It’s probably the best feature about it; you can feel it very well and you can feel it massaging your feet a little more than the rest of the features. It’s hilarious though the way it splashes water outside the bowl of the foot spa as if you turned on a dancing fountain, but it’s not that bad.

Another good thing about the massager is that you can activate all four features together which makes them perform better than when they’re operated separately.

The foot spa overall is not worth investing in and saving for, or even as a gift for Christmas. However when looking at the price, it’s a good bargain and I never saw a massaging device with such features at this price. So when you want to buy this foot spa, think %60 price wise, and %40 satisfaction wise.



  1. neoark25 said,

    i need one of those badly

  2. starfire said,

    I bought one yesterday at a garage sale for $5. I am in heaven!

  3. descanso said,

    que alguien me esplique cual es el boton para calentar el agua ayuda

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