November 8, 2008

“The lazarus project”

Posted in movies, review at 2:35 am by Salah

Ok, so I have been looking forward to watch this movie since I got it from blockbuster. What interested me in the movie is the trailer and thet Paul Walker is starring in it. Almost everything about the movie makes you want to watch it, even the plot.

Paul Walker is a guy who had a half-bad history, has a wife and a daughter. Thye fire him from his job for his criminal history (burglary). So his brother, who recently got out of jail, give him a chance for a burglary operation and when they got in it all turned bad and his brother died with another cop. That lead Paul Walker to be sentenced for death by lethal injection. However, while he thought he is dying, he wakes up to see a different world and he was given a job as a ground keeper. Afterward he starts to wonder whether he was dead or if he never had a life before.

Still interesting, right? Well from this point, the movie just keeps getting downhill to crappy land. The ending was one of the worst copied idea from other movies ever. The ending is supposed to be one of those “wow I never thought of that,” but it doesn’t fly. Good beginning, and after about 45 minutes the movie just goes more and more rotten and boring.

If you want to see that movie I recommend that you watch The village, The sixth sense, or The usual suspects [instead of Lazarus project]. Those are very good great movies if you haven’t watched them before; and if you did, then just stay the hell away from “Lazarus project,” because it will waste your time and it will make you lose confidence in how good the Mystery & Suspense genre is.

Overall rating:




  1. F said,

    I should watch it then. Thanks for the review. :)

  2. Salah said,

    I believe you meant “I shouldn’t watch it then,” didn’t you?

  3. F said,

    Oh, yes, shouldn’t!

    You know this movie reminded me of that ultra crappy movie, A History of Violence. Did you see it?

  4. Salah said,

    Oh I haven’t seen this movie. Was it that bad?

  5. F said,

    Yeah! Taqreeban same concept. We left the theatre half way through it. Terrible.

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