November 9, 2008

Japanese bathrooms

Posted in funny at 5:13 pm by Salah

In my last post I mentioned how Metal Gar nailed the research by figuring out stuff about mid-easterns and bathrooms. However, I might be totally wrong. Neoark mentioned to me that the Japanese also have the same kind of thing bathroom-wise. When I read that, I had to go search for it.

Apparently the Japanese do have the same kind of people and the same kind of bathrooms there are in middle-east; check this out. This is an American guy (I think) who lives in Tokyo, and he just burst in tears from laughing at the way he described this Image you see above.

It’s fair to say that there is a big chance the producers of Metal Gear were just pointing at the Japanese and not the mid-easterns. Yet it’s either a freaky coinsidence or they DID go to deep research.

Thanks Neoark for the heads up.



  1. F said,

    Zain, ya3ni mo bas e7na!

  2. Salah said,

    Nope. 3adi a9lan in history we took it from them when there was trading or whatever lol!

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