November 9, 2008

Metal Gear knows a lot about Arabs

Posted in funny, video games at 5:42 am by Salah

I remember a while ago when I was having a talk with one of my friends about how some people in the gulf are still living like it’s the 1800s; and then he mentioned to me this funny thing about how those people use the toilette seat as if it was the old Arabic toilette—a fancy hole on the ground with sewers involved. Anyways, he told me that it isn’t that those people don’t know how to use the toilette seat, but they actually think it’s better to use it their way; which is instead of sitting down, they would stand on the seat!

Don’t be surprised that people would know such information. While I was playing Metal Gear, I reached a palace which is located in Iraq; trying to find my way through, I walked in a wrecked bathroom and I noticed this hilarious picture.


The picture is not very clear, but there is an X on the drawing on the left side—the wrong way of using the toilette.


Great research Konami!



  1. chika said,

    @@ ! Seriously! lol !!!

  2. neoark25 said,

    lol, so many hidden stuff, btw did you know that japan has same style of toilet like us? except it’s smaller!


  3. F said,

    lool, I love these little hidden details in games.

  4. KTDP said,

    konami have always been known to add in little details like that (this was mostly thanks to kojima and other people who still develop games the good old fashioned way ….. with countless hours of playbacks and beta testing from day one ….. not like other more famous developments houses)

    try and read about snatcher and policenauts. Both of which are old school konami games in which little details such as this were included.

  5. Splash said,

    BTW, this is how Pakistanis sit on a toilet, they don’t like to sit on a normal toilet, they are used to the old Arabic way :)

  6. Salah said,

    KTDP: You’re so right man. Just yesterday I was talking to my cousin and he was so pissed off because his new game “Fable” for his XboX is totally screwing with him turning orange screen and everything (I’ll post about it later). Good for Konami.

    Splash: lol.

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