November 9, 2008

“Role models”

Posted in movies, review at 12:11 am by Salah

Yesterday I went to see “Role Models” with no pre-plans for watching it. I’m so glad that I did go see this movie. It was one of the most hilarious stuff I’ve watched on the big screen after “the 40 year old virgin.” The movie is starring Sean William Scott and Paul Rudd, who are both working as a sales reps for an energy drink company. While trying to promote this energy drink, they misbehave and they go to court where the judge orders them to do a community deed to avoid jail.

They then join this association of taking care of children and each of them is assigned to be a companion with a child. The kids are Christopher Mintz-Plasse (from super bad), and Bobb’e J. Thompson. Very cool combination of kids and old kids. Seriously funny stuff, and if you liked Paul Rudd in “the 40 year old virgin” then you’ll love him even more in this movie; thus you’ll see how good this movie is.

Many thoughts are coming to my mind to describe the type of comedy in this movie, but I can’t help not seeing Paul Rudd in my mind every time I remember this movie. Therefore, it is a Paul Rudd-in “40 year old virgin” type of comedy.

Overall rating:



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  1. F said,

    Laaaa2, 40 year old virgin? :P I did not like that.

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