November 10, 2008

problems with Fable II

Posted in video games at 9:00 pm by Salah

My cousin got Fable II lately and he has been complaining about a problem that keeps occuring. When he arrives at some place in the game, the screen would turn all red; he thought at first the problem was from the TV or XboX itself, but it turned that it was the game. When he went back to Gamestop they confirmed that there is a glitch in the game, and in a month there will be a patch or something to fix the problem.

However, he is not willing to wait that long; so he’ll trade in Assassin’s creed and Fable II to get Gears of War 2 instead.

Update: Found this video on youtube showing how it turns red

Another update: According to my cousin, the problem is with his HDMI cable that came with his XboX. He’s going to replace the cable, then we find out if it’s true.


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