November 10, 2008

Progress with Metal Gear

Posted in review, video games at 2:12 am by Salah

Metal Gear took some of my time today, and I have to say that every time I spend more time playing the game I enjoy it more than before. That game reminds me in my highschool days with the guys always keeping up with Rehab complex and the new games.

I reached a point in the game where Old Snake watches those three modified machines/humans killing and bashing the militia. Since yesterday I have been trying to find a website or something that lays down the story of Metal Gear from the first one on PS1. Trying to follow up with the story of Metal Gear 4 I really want to remember the story from the beginning and I want to know it in details.

When I first played the game (MG4), I didn’t get the best impression and I found it a bit difficult to use the weapons and aim at the enemy; but now I’m getting a grab ofit and I keep figuering out new techniques that helps a lot.

Metal Gear is the only game that I wouldn’t need any review, gameplay clips, advertising or anything else to persuade me to buy it; all what I need to hear is that Metal Gear is out in the market, and I’d go buy it just like that.



  1. Anonymous Coward said,

    You can get the full story from Wikipedia. You can also download the metal gear database from the PSN for free.

  2. F said,

    Anything that addicting has got to be good!

  3. Salah said,

    F: You got it right!

    Anonymous Coward: I checked it before, but I thought I might find something more detailed and makes clearer picture of the sequels and everything. So far Wikipedia is the best.

  4. nbq said,

    Can you share some of your MG4 techniques you talked about? :)
    Maybe dedicate a post to it.
    I’m still in the beginning, where Snake meets Fox

  5. Salah said,

    nbq: Sure, I’ll do so soon enshalla.

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