November 15, 2008

So far so good

Posted in personal, school, video games at 7:05 pm by Salah


So I was looking forward to spend a lot of time on MG4 playing the game, and also reading the stories of the prequels of the game.

Friday I had a test that I forgot about and remembered on Thursday, so I spent my time studying for it. In addition, there was a conference held at my university and it is something kind of big; it happened that I was one of the students helping to host the guests and show them around. Right after my test, I went to the Crown Plaza hotel where the guests were staying and registering. About three hours later we were done, and I headed back home.

I was very tired and I felt that I couldn’t do a lot of Metal Gearing, but I didn’t want to disappoint myself so I did play some.

God damn it, this game is good! I said that before and I will keep saying it everytime I write about the game!

My last checkpoint was when I saw three modified-humans killing soldiers. Yesterday I continued sneaking forward, and this time I started using moves I didn’t use before; such as: holding a gun behind the enemy and making himdrop his weapon, or strangling an enemy instead of knocking him down.

My last checkpoint was when I saw Liquid in a building in front of a weapons area where soldiers were stacking missile boxes. Liquid then activated some kind of a strange weapon to test it, and that weapon wasn’t shown to us, but it might be something checmical; because soldiers started feeling sick, then throwing up, and afterward they started beating the hell out of each other. Sneak however, was feeling strange and a bit sick, but he didn’t start hitting anyone. Instead he struggled to move forward and pointed his gun, while he’s down at this area, to Liquid who was at the balcony of this buiding.

Long story short, Snake woke up in an airplane with Otocon who started briefing Snake with the mission.

Yea, the game just keeps getting better and better. For some reason though, I didn’t figure out how to use the Auto Aiming.

Anyways, tonight will continue the Metal Gearing.



  1. neoark25 said,

    actually, it’s not chemical, you hear a sound, that sound was the weapon, you’ll know why later

  2. Salah said,

    Exactly, a sound!

    And thanks for making it interesting to be figured out!

  3. neoark25 said,

    you should thank me for not spoiling it on ya!! :D

  4. Salah said,

    Thank you dude! :D

  5. neoark25 said,

    any time ;p

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