November 17, 2008

Your memory and countries’ names

Posted in Fun at 12:50 pm by Salah

Found thiscool quick game by Karen; it’s simply testing your knowldege and memory of how many countries can you remember in five minutes.


Yes I know 38 is really small number, but I could have gon way higher if I had the exact right spelling of every single country I remembered.

For example, I was trying to write Saudi Arabia and I wrote: Saudia, Saudia Arabia, KSA, Kingdom of Saudia Arabia…ect; and nothing was given to me right and lost some time.

Same thing was for Emirates, United Kingdom and some other countries that I remember their names in Arabic but I forgot what they were called in English.

Try it.

It’s fun though.



  1. neoark25 said,

    19, i couldn’t spell some >.>

  2. karen said,

    I’ve played again since and I notice that I’ve improved. It’s a good refresher, plus it helps me to learn what I have been spelling wrong :o)

  3. Salah said,

    Neoark: Exactly!

    Karen: Yea it really helps for practicing spelling and stuff; but as far as the challenging goes, first timer is what counts.

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