November 18, 2008

Quantum of Solace

Posted in movies, review at 4:37 am by Salah

Got to see the movie last Saturday with the guys and I had high hopes for it. Ever since I saw Casino Royale, I noticed that some things got changed in the Bond series and traditions. Let’s start with the what used to be a usual thing in all Bond movies and now it either got taken out or volumed down. Those thngs would be:


-sport cars (still there, but not as much as the previous movies).

-Famous Bond watches.

-Sexy Bond girls with the latest fashion (the girl is hot, but no fahion stuff).

I know that at least one person would disagree with me on the cars point. There was an Aston Martin in the movie driven by Bond, but that was oly at the beginning of the movie and for only few minutes. Afterward, there will be a boring clip with Bond driving a Range Rover. He wasn’t even driving it fast, he was simply driving it; and even that clip wasn’t long enough. Later on you would see Bond driving a Ford Edge! I mean come on, you can never let Bond drive such a car and then make sure that the audience see the kame brand of the car!

As for the gadgets and those high-tech tools that Bond usually have, it was completely vanished in the movie. Do not expect to see any kind of cool equipments or what so ever. Not even a string coming out of a watch or anything; Nothing at all!

Ok, so what’s new? Well as I mentioned before, the physical action—that began in Casino Royale—is astonishing and better than any Bond movie I’ve seen before. They do a great job with making Bond look strong, and all muscles and stuff. However, I have a feeling that the English fans of Bond don’t want him to be like that. Either way, James Bond never looked stronger, and I liked the fighting scenes.

Now I don’t want to spoil the story on you, so I’ll be vague. Nothing is ectremely unique in the story and it’s not very different from the whole Bond series. Nevertheless, the dramatic scenes and the shifts in Bond’s character is noticeable.

Overall the movie was ok, but if I knew the movie would turn to be like how it was then I wouldn’t have seen it in the theter; but I would have waited to see it on DVD though.

Overall rating:




  1. chika said,

    I hate Bond movies man! I watched Burn after reading at the movies, total yukh! The plot is so stupid, I wanted to kill myself at the end.. so depressing

  2. Salah said,

    Well, I believe that Bond movies had it’s spark one day and now it’s being vanished.

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