October 21, 2011

Once again…long time!

Posted in Blogroll at 1:28 pm by Salah


It feels really weird typing those letters to create a post on my deserted blog. It’s exactly like walking in a room filled with your closest family members after a very long absence. You know it’s your house and they’re your family, but you also know that you weren’t here for so many big events. Thus, your privelage of being a family member again is legally ok, but needs some warm up to digest it mentally. Haha, I also feel very happy that I’m talking again! Man did I miss this blog.

I want to come back to this world again, and i want to come back stronger than ever. My passion to express thoughts, presenting ideas and reviewing stuff keeps growing. Hopefully me coming back to blogging will assist me in awakening my inner talents, if i may call it so. That’s why I want to create a more customized blog, so i can actually call it “my blog.” So stay tuned people, another kuwaiti blog is on the process of creation.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m back!


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