October 26, 2011

Maki Kuwait, keeps disappointing me

Posted in food, kuwait, review at 4:35 pm by Salah


The first time i visited Maki was 3 years ago at marina. Although the place was great, the service wasn’t something to be proud of. To this day, i remember the dull face our waiter had the whole time he waited our table. The reason, however, that made me decide not to go there again was the bad pricing. It was just for a person who tried many sushi places in the states, too expensive.

For some reason, few years later, i decided i want to give Maki another shot after i have tried places like wasabi and osaka. Guess what, Maki still beats them with the rediculous prices, and the food wasn’t special or even worth the price.

Today (2 years since my last visit to Maki), a friend of mine suggested we hit Maki. i didn’t want to bitch about it, so i agreed. However, the prices are still the same, and the food as well. Next time anyone, and i mean ANYONE, who suggest to me Maki, i will easily turn down and refuse. It’s official, the place is just overpriced compared to osaka, which is way cheaper than Maki and the food is just as good if it wasn’t better.

Sorry for the vague review, but I’m blogging from my ipad, and I can’t go into so many details using it. Maybe I will review it and compare it in detail when I’m on my laptop.


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