October 28, 2011

Quick debate: Captain America

Posted in movies, review at 4:30 pm by Salah

Had this discussion with my marvel-fan brother who loved Captain America movie:

Me: Captain america was a disappointing movie.

Bro: give me a good reason, or point to the parts where you thought it could be better.

Me: First of all, I didn’t buy the part where Chris Evan was weak before he was pumped up to C.A. It just didn’t fly like it was supposed to.

Bro: well, acting as a whole is considered fake, if that’s what you’re getting to. And do you know that what you saw is actually chris evan’s real body but edited graphically to look smaller. It wasn’t like his real head stuck on a different person’s body.

Me: and what’s the deal with captain america and his super hero powers. What are his powers? He just kept kicking people in their chests or guts to make em fly off his way. Once a while in the movie he would hold a guy from his shirt and throw him in the air, but that barely showed any super powers.

Bro: Captain America’s power is not so outrageous like Hulk or spiderman; he’s rather slightly stronger than the most athletic person in the world. That’s why you see him jumping higher than a normal human being, but not as close as spiderman.

Me: hmmm, i think we better save the good talk about it for another time (needed to head out).

The debate is absolutely not done, and more is coming up!


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