November 7, 2011

Al Najaf

Posted in occasions, Travel at 4:13 am by Salah


Arrived at 9 AM today at Al Najaf in order to pay a ritual visit to Imam Ali (salam allah alaih). On our way to the hotel, the streets were just like what you see in the news; poor people all over the place, 80% of the buildings looks damaged if not totally destroyed, and a lot of street vendors selling toys, garments, and food of the cheapest kinds. Few moments later, we arrived at our hotel “zamzam complix”, and for a moment I thought it’s not going to be any different from what I saw in the streets, untill my cousin told me “they have wifi in the lobby!”.

Walked into the lobby to find it pretty decent, and they did have wifi! But I remembered that someone told me al Najaf has beautiful view, so I asked him where was it, and he showed me what you see in the picture. Sorry for the poor quality, but I had to use my ipad since I left my iphone with my cousin before I went to Al Haram. My cousin went to Al Haram later and he never told me where he kept the phones. Ok too many details haha.

Anyways, if you ignore the sand in between the green and imagine that the whole area is green, you’ll find yourself living the jurassic park era! Of course you’ll also have to ignore all the traffic and telephone cables.

Here’s a better pic taken by my iphone.



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