November 12, 2011

Organizer apps for iphone

Posted in apps, iphone, review at 11:33 am by Salah



Back when I was a nokia user, my whole brain depended on the reminder of the cell phone. The thing is, it was so fast and easy to create a reminder for a task or something on those nokia devices. But most importantly, it keeps beeping untill you turn the alarm off.

Now that the iphone penetrated our lives, I was terrified of the weak reminder system the device had (the built in calendar). It would beep once, and that’s it! Which means if you didn’t hear it, you’re going to miss what you’re supposed to remember. Therefore, i kept looking for good apps, and surprisingly, so many apps has the same alarm system of the iphone calendar: one beep per reminder!

Finally, I found “Get Reminded” app (the blue icon above) which perfectly fits my criteria. You can easily initiate a reminder by only typing the subject and setting the date, and an option whether you want this reminder to be repeated. That’s it, no start-day or end-day settings, it’s just the simple reminder we all were looking for.

Since I also like to list things needed to be done, I found “Planner&” which is a great organizer and simple to use. I can talk about it for a long time, but I’ll leave that app for you to try and see how neat it is.


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