November 1, 2008

New reviewing method

Posted in art, review at 10:25 am by Salah

I have these stars now that I’ll be using for reviewing stuff like movies, restaurants, games…etc.

Here is the rating system:

Extremely bad, just stay away from it and you’ll be glad you did.

It’s just as bad as zero, but there might be one little tiny thing worth a half (maybe the movie is considering child hunger or whatever; You got the point).

Bad (it probably passed the basic rules, but it is just really bad).

Not worth it (It might be appealing and everything, but seriously you could save your money/time for something better).

Not worth it, but you could give it a try.

It’s not that bad, but it’s not good.

This is good, but it depends on the person; So I recommend you go try it/rent it/watch it (some people might be willing to give it a 4 maybe).

This is really good, and I really recommend it (most people would probably like it a lot).

You just can’t go wrong with that, and you’ll enjoy it a lot (It satisfied my expectations, and it even gave me more).

This is just worth every penny you might invest in it, worth your time, and there is a big chance it will just make your freaking day!

Do I really need to talk about a five star? (I honestly don’t know what might be worth a 5, but I can tell you it should be something that has 5 written all over it).

Hopefully these measurement would help you, and me, to enjoy stuff more and stay away from tacky, cheap and unworthy stuff.

Next two movies I want to review are “The happening.” and “Linewatch.” Linewatch is not even worth a review, it’s just a low budget movie but watchable because Cuba gooding junior starrs in it an the story isn’t bad.


November 10, 2007

Human-Beatboxing’s king

Posted in art, celebrities, Music, talent at 12:26 pm by Salah

This is Roxorloops the human-beatboxer. There is also another two videos when you click “read the rest of the post.” To the people who have no idea what is human-beatboxing, it is the art of producing beatboxing and tones from the mouth. I first saw that kind of art by coincidence, but then I started to get really interested in these stuff that now I’m looking for battles between champions.

Roxorloops, who is from Belgium, is so far my favorite beatboxer. It is amazingly one of the most interesting talents that I have ever seen.

Here’s two parts of Roxorloops’ video rocking on stage! Read the rest of this entry »