November 22, 2011

Moving – getting settled

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Ah, I can’t wait till I have all my things set in front of me and ready to be used for the purpose of relaxation! It was crazy last night pushing it to the limit just to get my things in my new place. All is left right now is to install the showtime, plugging the washer, and that’s it I guess. Everything else is just about organizing and setting stuff to their appropriate places. Since we still haven’t set the oven yet (forgot to mention that) we had to order, and guess what I ordered; pizza hut! Man, ordering a pizza in the midst of moving makes me feel like one of those New Yorkers we see in movies when they move in. Oh wow haha, pizza just arrived! Gotta eat!


November 20, 2011


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Good morning to you all!

October 25, 2011

Wordpress app

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WordPress app for the iphone and ipad. Just another reason for me to love blogging even more!

October 21, 2011

Once again…long time!

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It feels really weird typing those letters to create a post on my deserted blog. It’s exactly like walking in a room filled with your closest family members after a very long absence. You know it’s your house and they’re your family, but you also know that you weren’t here for so many big events. Thus, your privelage of being a family member again is legally ok, but needs some warm up to digest it mentally. Haha, I also feel very happy that I’m talking again! Man did I miss this blog.

I want to come back to this world again, and i want to come back stronger than ever. My passion to express thoughts, presenting ideas and reviewing stuff keeps growing. Hopefully me coming back to blogging will assist me in awakening my inner talents, if i may call it so. That’s why I want to create a more customized blog, so i can actually call it “my blog.” So stay tuned people, another kuwaiti blog is on the process of creation.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m back!

June 11, 2010

I’m back..again!

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Oh yes I am!

and many things are pushing out my mind; TV shows, movies, food, video games, electronics, and more!!

I’m glad that i still remember my user and pas for this blog. Not to start blogging on it like i used to, but to use it as my testing blog. Yes, I am planning to start a new blog, a 10 times better one. My idea is to make my blog this time have a feeling that it is actually MY blog. With a header of my design, a background of my senses, it will feel like MY blog.

However, it’s not going to be easy to initiate such blog, but hopefully with the right people, i will start it.

Goodbye for now, and see you at the next post.

September 3, 2008

Second day of Ramadan

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Today was my first official school-during-Ramadan day, and el 7emdellah it went very smooth and light. At 12:30 I had a class and it was kind of boring because I didn’t do the reading I’m supposed to do, so I couldn’t really give a 100% concentration in the class. We left at 1:45 and I headed to my parking meter to feed it.

There I saw, as usual, those people who stand on campus with some kind of booth selling stuff. You can see in the pic this girl selling clothes, and I really don’t understand how they could attract customers since neither the merchandise nor the place is attractive.

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September 2, 2008

Anime, kicked off by “Death Note”

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So the first day of Ramadan wasn’t that bad, but hunger really got to me because I didn’t eat suhoor. Although it is Monday, we were safe from experiencing school on a first day Ramadan; yes I’ll be in school for the rest of Ramadan, but the first day of Ramadan was better with no school.

Setting school-work aside, I have been playing video games lately a lot, specifically GTA IV and COD4. Also, lately I’ve been really into anime.

I started liking anime after watching “Death Note,” which I randomly decided to watch and it turned to be one of the best things I watched whether it was a movie, TV shows or anything else.

So I downloaded other anime hoping it would be as good. The anime I downloaded are:

  • Ghost in shell
  • Blood: The last vampire
  • Ah my Goddess
  • Full metal panic

I watched “Ghost in shell” and it was very good, but it’s one of those stories that need a good attention or you’ll get really lost. You could get the basic idea of the story and it would make the movie watchable, but you’ll not enjoy it as much as if you understood it well.

Now “Blood: the last vampire” seems like one hell of an anime. I watched the first few minutes of it, and it couldn’t tempt me more to watch the whole thing. The graphics are cool and, for me, it’s something new making it a bit different than a normal anime.

I’m still wondering how I am going to watch “Full metal panic,” because it is in Japanese and no subtitles. So, until I find a way to add subtitles in it, I’ll wait before watching it.

This is like a new path that I’m taking by watching anime. It feels good to know that you have an interest in something new and you know that there is a whole world of this thing you are interested in.

One of the other main reasons why I am watching anime right now is a blog I read constantly. The blogger is a big fan of anime and he has a huge segment in his blog for the anime he watches. I recommend that you visit his blog and check the anime he watched and reviewed. I check his blog if I wanted to look up good anime. You can do so here.

August 31, 2008

Adobe Dreamweaver

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So I got this Dreamweaver after trying to modify some stuff on my blog. Now I just feel stupid because I don’t know how to use this program. It’s fascinating the things that you can do with it, and it’s even more fascinating how easier Adobe made it for web designers to work on their designs; but you have to have some idea of what the hell you are doing. In my case, I need lots and lots and lots of reading and research to be able to use it. Wish me luck!

August 30, 2008

Find low gas prices near you

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I found this awesome website for everyone who wants to check out the different prices for gas whether it was near your city or further.

Just enter the address, state, or Zip code, or whatever information you have and the website needs, and then it will give you the prices like that:

Where is the lowest gas prices near me?

First food trip for Ramadan

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Today the weather was really beautiful. Sunny and warm, but not too warm.

Since Ramadan is really close, I went to one of those Islamic food (deli) markets here in Richmond, and got some stuff that might be on our dish for fotoor.

Even though I have been going to this place, Petra Food, for a while now to get Halal meat, I used my Garmin street pilot GPS for directions. I wanted to see how my two-years-old GPS is working today. It appeared that I really need to either get a new GPS or to update it.

I tried to trick the GPS by going to a different route but same direction, and see if I would beat the GPS in discovering a faster and shorter route. Well, the route felt pretty much the same even though it was completely new for me. I want to talk about it more later so we’ll leave the review like that for now.

On my way back home, I saw this truck, I think a gasoline truck, and it had this painting that you see in the picture. I have always been wondering who is responsible for painting and decorating these commercials trucks. If it was fuel truck (and I am positive it is) then it has nothing to do with elephants and wild life. So what’s up?

Well, it’s cool for the eye of the road-trip driver to see such paintings when he/she is driving for many hours.

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