October 25, 2011

Wordpress app

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WordPress app for the iphone and ipad. Just another reason for me to love blogging even more!


Falling..no, FELL in love with ipad2!

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Ok, so I have to man up and admit to the whole world that I sometimes judge things too soon. The reason of me admitting that, is because I totally misjudged the ipad or the ipad2. When this tablet first came out to the market, I was extremely refusing the idea of owning such a device. Not even seeing it in the hands of someone next to me would make me interested in checking it out. My reasoning is set behind the question that I am sure most of us asked before, how different is the ipad from an iphone beside the blown up screen? To be honest, it really wasn’t that different before untill I realized that there are apps made to utilize the ipad as an ebook or a pdf file reader.

You guessed it, it was then when I was like “huh, I guess there is something that will make me want this ipad.” About a month ago, my interest in the ipad grew even more, so I remembered that one of my friends bought an ipad2 32GB and he got sick of it. I quickly called my friend, he confirmed that he wanted to sell it, and I bought it!

As soon as I started using it, I realized how great this device is. The surprise waqs, it wasn’t only the reader that made me happy. Everything from the awsome ipad2 apps to the smallest thing such as the ipod in the ipad! Yes, the ipod has a different sense when you use it on the ipad!

Anyways, the device is freakin awsome so go get one since it’s way cheaper than it was before, and you’ll get the same amount of fun anyone had when the ipad2 first came out to the market. So it’s the jackpot time for buying an ipad, I guess.

One of the apps that I like is the itunes trailer app. Amazing way of browsing the latest trailers for movies in theaters or coming to theaters, in addition to a visual calendar showing you the movies coming out on each date.


October 25, 2008

Canon powershot S5 IS 8.0 MP

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(click here for a larger image)

There was one time when I was really interested in digital cameras and photography, but never was close to trying professional-photography. Of course like many other thing, I lost some interest in it.

However, I was at one of my friend’s and I saw that he got the Canon powershot S5 IS, an 8 MP camera. It looked cool, but I couldn’t tell how good it was until I borrowed it. I couldn’t stop taking it with me everywhere and trying to take shots at everything I lay eyes on. Even the tripod is a close companion everywhere I take the camera.

Taking these pictures and seeing how good it was, I couldn’t help it getting very eager to get a camera like that. Now honestly, there wasn’t something extraordinary that saw in this camera that makes it better than any other camera I used or saw; but it surely came in a time where I started to realize some common features in different digital cameras; it was stuff like aperture, shutter speed, ISO, exposure, and lots of other things.

The camera, though, makes it easy for you to adjust those things in an easy way. One thing that I loved about this cam is the zoom. If I can only tell the distance of the pictures I took to show you.

Anyhow, you can see the pictures I took here.

January 31, 2008

No internet for a while Kuwait

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Internet disruption occurred and it is affecting “Large swathes of Asia, the Middle East and north Africa…There were contradictory reports on the real cause behind the disruption, but Du, a state-owned Dubai telecom provider, attributed it to an undersea cable cut between Alexandria, Egypt and Palermo, Italy.”(cnn.com)[link]

It was also mentioned in the website that “Kuwait’s Ministry of Communications said the problem could take two weeks to solve, according to a statement carried by the state news agency, KUNA.” (cnn.com) [link]

Yea so you’ll be pissed for a while if you’re in the effected region.

January 29, 2008

GTA IV special edition package

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I thought I mentioned this before, but apparently I didn’t.

I reserved a copy of the new beloved video game GTA IV from game stop. They told me that the game will be released around March, but it will actually be released on April 29th.

The special edition will include, in addition to the game, collector’s items. The items will al be included in a metal safety deposit box, and they are:

-GTA IV art book including never-before-seen production art work production from GTA IV.

-Selected soundtrack CD from GTA IV, featuring new material from top artists.

-An exclusive Rockstar keychain for the safety deposit box.

-Completing the collection is a limited edition Rockstar duffel bag.

I really can’t wait!

November 15, 2007

Call of Duty 4: modern warfare [few issues]

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I bought COD4 for the ps3 when it came out on the market. I am a fan of the call of duty games, but this game is great. They have modified the online gaming to a great level of enjoyment and excitement. You can do a lot of things when you are playing online. First of all, every time you kill someone in any kind of game mode you will get scores for it and it will add up to give options of modifying your weapons and grenades and such things. You also get promoted to a lot of ranks on your way up. Also every weapon has its own challenge. For example, when you get the sniper and kill 100 people with it, you would get the option to add a better scope for it.

Some other goods about the new Call of Duty 4 online gaming is that you can now create a private room, edit game settings and invite friends. All these things were not available for the Call of Duty 3 on the ps3.

Great news for the Call of Dutylovers who owns a ps3 is that the COD4 now has an offline-multiplayer for either split screen or LAN network.

It is just easy to get addicted to the online game. Oh, I forgot to mention the graphics. The graphics is so far the best graphics I have ever seen on any ps3 game since I got the HDTV. The details are magnificent.

All that said, the game is pissing off a lot of people (including myself) with the errors of the online gaming. Many issues are there, and my issue is that for some reason the progress I get in the online gaming is not being saved. I tried to find a manually-save option but couldn’t find anything. I know for sure that the game is supposed to save the progress automatically, but it is not doing it. I have been playing a lot and reaching good promotions and weapon-options but this issue is killing my work.

I’m getting frustrated that I reached a point where I don’t even want to waste my time playing the online for no saved-progress.

I hope they would find a solution to that problem.

November 8, 2007

Blu-ray on my screen

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Picture taken from http://www.gearcritech.com

At last I rented a Blu-ray movie, watched it, and experienced the whole thing. The whole experience was beautiful, amazing, and worth every penny for the TV, PS3, and home theater.

I went to Blockbuster to look for a Blu-ray movie that is filled with graphics and cool stuff so that I can get all the juice out of the system and screen. At first I had Fantastic 4 in my mind because I knew that it was available in the store. Nevertheless, there was Spider-man 3! I knew that Spider-man was out on DVD but I also knew that it’s going to be out of stock for a while. It was the only one DVD available in store. I picked it up and I also got Pearl Harbor.

I have to say that Spider-man is worth buying if you want to buy a Blu-ray movie. The fights between spider-man and the other bad guys was breath taking.

What I am getting at is that the Blu-ray is one hell of a picture and experience. If you you want to invest your money in home entertainment, then aim for Blu-ray. The only problem is that in Kuwait Blu-ray is kind of expensive, but prices will drop soon.

How much is a PS3 now in Kuwait anyway?

October 30, 2007

The Tokyo Motor Show 2007

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I just found these amazing concept cars on the MSN page. They were presented in the Tokyo Motor Show. These cars were amazingly created and designed. I never thought I would see such things in the real world. I loved the Nissan Pivo 2.

Here are more pictures of different concept cars. (click on the picture to see the whole thing) Read the rest of this entry »

October 23, 2007

Godfather the game

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Yesterday I tried “Godfather the game” on my ps3. At first I was not very interested when I first heard about it, but when I tried it I realized that this might be one of the best games I played. It is really close to the GTA style, but even more stuff to do and take care of. You are kind of playing the story of the Godfather movie one. However, you are a person who is serving the Godfather by working to him, but not directly. You begin with very little respect, reputation, money, and strength. You have to build all these up through your work by extorting people and businesses to make money to protect them, and the Corleones (the Godfather’s family) earn a percentage of your earnings. By building up your character you build your name too. So you start as an unofficial enforcer for the Corleone and by working, you find your way into becoming a Don. There are a lot of stuff that I haven’t tried yet in the game. Therefore, I’ll stop here.

The graphics of the game is not like the HD games, but playing the game will make you not think about it.

Just talking about makes me want to play the game.

October 22, 2007

My plasma TV

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Last time I posted a small topic about my new LG plasma. Now this is my second more-detailed topic.

I bought the TV from best buy and it was priced for $1199 $1100. However that’s before tax, the HDMI cables, and the warranty. The price after all those things came close to $1700. I bought two HDMI cables, each cost about $80. The warranty is for $250.

Now let’s talk about the TV. Read the rest of this entry »

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