January 30, 2008

Starbucks coffee shelf at walmart

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I took this picture a while ago to post it, but I forgot!

This is a stand that is comparatively new for the starbucks canned and bottled drinks. I love the doubleshot espresso (the dark box on the top) and I usually buy the 4 pack from walmart. They used to store it in an ugly place next to the water shelves that you gives you the feeling you are in a warehouse. Now, however, they have this nice and neat looking square that holds the starbucks’ drinks near the cash register. As you can see, it also has a small fridge in the middle for on-the-go single drinks. Starbucks’ products are more attractive now and I am more encouraged than ever to keep buying the doubleshot. They still keep some at the old shelf, but I think it’s just for more space.

Good job Starbucks; now if you can do that to the gas station next to my place it would be even better.

It’s really good to see walmart being redecorated and filled with brand-made shelves like Starbucks’ and Hallmark’s. This way we won’t stick with walmart just for the convenience, but we can also tolerate the short grocery experience.


October 31, 2007

Studying tools

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I’m studying for my psychology test tomorrow, and I’m planning to stay up all night. Took a break, and I thought about writing something.

My tools to stay up all night or to increase the energy is caffeine. I usually drink starbucks coffee Double-Shot in the mornings, and at night RedBull is my drink. Sometimes I drink the Double-Shot at night because I feel it’s stronger. I usually drink the Double-Shot in the mornings because it refreshes my mind.

What do you guys think?