October 27, 2008

More pics

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October 25, 2008

Canon powershot S5 IS 8.0 MP

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There was one time when I was really interested in digital cameras and photography, but never was close to trying professional-photography. Of course like many other thing, I lost some interest in it.

However, I was at one of my friend’s and I saw that he got the Canon powershot S5 IS, an 8 MP camera. It looked cool, but I couldn’t tell how good it was until I borrowed it. I couldn’t stop taking it with me everywhere and trying to take shots at everything I lay eyes on. Even the tripod is a close companion everywhere I take the camera.

Taking these pictures and seeing how good it was, I couldn’t help it getting very eager to get a camera like that. Now honestly, there wasn’t something extraordinary that saw in this camera that makes it better than any other camera I used or saw; but it surely came in a time where I started to realize some common features in different digital cameras; it was stuff like aperture, shutter speed, ISO, exposure, and lots of other things.

The camera, though, makes it easy for you to adjust those things in an easy way. One thing that I loved about this cam is the zoom. If I can only tell the distance of the pictures I took to show you.

Anyhow, you can see the pictures I took here.