November 12, 2011

Organizer apps for iphone

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Back when I was a nokia user, my whole brain depended on the reminder of the cell phone. The thing is, it was so fast and easy to create a reminder for a task or something on those nokia devices. But most importantly, it keeps beeping untill you turn the alarm off.

Now that the iphone penetrated our lives, I was terrified of the weak reminder system the device had (the built in calendar). It would beep once, and that’s it! Which means if you didn’t hear it, you’re going to miss what you’re supposed to remember. Therefore, i kept looking for good apps, and surprisingly, so many apps has the same alarm system of the iphone calendar: one beep per reminder!

Finally, I found “Get Reminded” app (the blue icon above) which perfectly fits my criteria. You can easily initiate a reminder by only typing the subject and setting the date, and an option whether you want this reminder to be repeated. That’s it, no start-day or end-day settings, it’s just the simple reminder we all were looking for.

Since I also like to list things needed to be done, I found “Planner&” which is a great organizer and simple to use. I can talk about it for a long time, but I’ll leave that app for you to try and see how neat it is.


Good Gum

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How often do you find yourself enjoying a chewing gum significantly, that you actually say “that’s one delicious gum, what is it?”

That’s what happened to me when I had the one in the pic, a mix of pineapple and watermelon flavour. So good, so refreshing, and so colorful!

October 28, 2011

Quick debate: Captain America

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Had this discussion with my marvel-fan brother who loved Captain America movie:

Me: Captain america was a disappointing movie.

Bro: give me a good reason, or point to the parts where you thought it could be better.

Me: First of all, I didn’t buy the part where Chris Evan was weak before he was pumped up to C.A. It just didn’t fly like it was supposed to.

Bro: well, acting as a whole is considered fake, if that’s what you’re getting to. And do you know that what you saw is actually chris evan’s real body but edited graphically to look smaller. It wasn’t like his real head stuck on a different person’s body.

Me: and what’s the deal with captain america and his super hero powers. What are his powers? He just kept kicking people in their chests or guts to make em fly off his way. Once a while in the movie he would hold a guy from his shirt and throw him in the air, but that barely showed any super powers.

Bro: Captain America’s power is not so outrageous like Hulk or spiderman; he’s rather slightly stronger than the most athletic person in the world. That’s why you see him jumping higher than a normal human being, but not as close as spiderman.

Me: hmmm, i think we better save the good talk about it for another time (needed to head out).

The debate is absolutely not done, and more is coming up!

Unexpected NOT so great movie

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Postponing posts I want to write is not what I had in my mind when I started to blog again; but the fact that I need my laptop to write a detailed post, is what’s making me do so. So, this is not a full review!

Best 2 parts of the movie, and I believe they wanted it to be so, is when C.A wakes up to find himself 70 years away from his life as he knows it; and the after credit part where they reveal to you the avengers’ preparing-for-war clip.

Out of Thor, Iron man, Hulk, and Spiderman, Captain America was definitely the weakest movie. Maybe I set the bar high for the movie? And why not, just look at the poster!

October 26, 2011

Maki Kuwait, keeps disappointing me

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The first time i visited Maki was 3 years ago at marina. Although the place was great, the service wasn’t something to be proud of. To this day, i remember the dull face our waiter had the whole time he waited our table. The reason, however, that made me decide not to go there again was the bad pricing. It was just for a person who tried many sushi places in the states, too expensive.

For some reason, few years later, i decided i want to give Maki another shot after i have tried places like wasabi and osaka. Guess what, Maki still beats them with the rediculous prices, and the food wasn’t special or even worth the price.

Today (2 years since my last visit to Maki), a friend of mine suggested we hit Maki. i didn’t want to bitch about it, so i agreed. However, the prices are still the same, and the food as well. Next time anyone, and i mean ANYONE, who suggest to me Maki, i will easily turn down and refuse. It’s official, the place is just overpriced compared to osaka, which is way cheaper than Maki and the food is just as good if it wasn’t better.

Sorry for the vague review, but I’m blogging from my ipad, and I can’t go into so many details using it. Maybe I will review it and compare it in detail when I’m on my laptop.

November 18, 2008

Quantum of Solace

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Got to see the movie last Saturday with the guys and I had high hopes for it. Ever since I saw Casino Royale, I noticed that some things got changed in the Bond series and traditions. Let’s start with the what used to be a usual thing in all Bond movies and now it either got taken out or volumed down. Those thngs would be:


-sport cars (still there, but not as much as the previous movies).

-Famous Bond watches.

-Sexy Bond girls with the latest fashion (the girl is hot, but no fahion stuff).

I know that at least one person would disagree with me on the cars point. There was an Aston Martin in the movie driven by Bond, but that was oly at the beginning of the movie and for only few minutes. Afterward, there will be a boring clip with Bond driving a Range Rover. He wasn’t even driving it fast, he was simply driving it; and even that clip wasn’t long enough. Later on you would see Bond driving a Ford Edge! I mean come on, you can never let Bond drive such a car and then make sure that the audience see the kame brand of the car!

As for the gadgets and those high-tech tools that Bond usually have, it was completely vanished in the movie. Do not expect to see any kind of cool equipments or what so ever. Not even a string coming out of a watch or anything; Nothing at all!

Ok, so what’s new? Well as I mentioned before, the physical action—that began in Casino Royale—is astonishing and better than any Bond movie I’ve seen before. They do a great job with making Bond look strong, and all muscles and stuff. However, I have a feeling that the English fans of Bond don’t want him to be like that. Either way, James Bond never looked stronger, and I liked the fighting scenes.

Now I don’t want to spoil the story on you, so I’ll be vague. Nothing is ectremely unique in the story and it’s not very different from the whole Bond series. Nevertheless, the dramatic scenes and the shifts in Bond’s character is noticeable.

Overall the movie was ok, but if I knew the movie would turn to be like how it was then I wouldn’t have seen it in the theter; but I would have waited to see it on DVD though.

Overall rating:


November 10, 2008

Progress with Metal Gear

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Metal Gear took some of my time today, and I have to say that every time I spend more time playing the game I enjoy it more than before. That game reminds me in my highschool days with the guys always keeping up with Rehab complex and the new games.

I reached a point in the game where Old Snake watches those three modified machines/humans killing and bashing the militia. Since yesterday I have been trying to find a website or something that lays down the story of Metal Gear from the first one on PS1. Trying to follow up with the story of Metal Gear 4 I really want to remember the story from the beginning and I want to know it in details.

When I first played the game (MG4), I didn’t get the best impression and I found it a bit difficult to use the weapons and aim at the enemy; but now I’m getting a grab ofit and I keep figuering out new techniques that helps a lot.

Metal Gear is the only game that I wouldn’t need any review, gameplay clips, advertising or anything else to persuade me to buy it; all what I need to hear is that Metal Gear is out in the market, and I’d go buy it just like that.

November 9, 2008

“Role models”

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Yesterday I went to see “Role Models” with no pre-plans for watching it. I’m so glad that I did go see this movie. It was one of the most hilarious stuff I’ve watched on the big screen after “the 40 year old virgin.” The movie is starring Sean William Scott and Paul Rudd, who are both working as a sales reps for an energy drink company. While trying to promote this energy drink, they misbehave and they go to court where the judge orders them to do a community deed to avoid jail.

They then join this association of taking care of children and each of them is assigned to be a companion with a child. The kids are Christopher Mintz-Plasse (from super bad), and Bobb’e J. Thompson. Very cool combination of kids and old kids. Seriously funny stuff, and if you liked Paul Rudd in “the 40 year old virgin” then you’ll love him even more in this movie; thus you’ll see how good this movie is.

Many thoughts are coming to my mind to describe the type of comedy in this movie, but I can’t help not seeing Paul Rudd in my mind every time I remember this movie. Therefore, it is a Paul Rudd-in “40 year old virgin” type of comedy.

Overall rating:


November 8, 2008

“The lazarus project”

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Ok, so I have been looking forward to watch this movie since I got it from blockbuster. What interested me in the movie is the trailer and thet Paul Walker is starring in it. Almost everything about the movie makes you want to watch it, even the plot.

Paul Walker is a guy who had a half-bad history, has a wife and a daughter. Thye fire him from his job for his criminal history (burglary). So his brother, who recently got out of jail, give him a chance for a burglary operation and when they got in it all turned bad and his brother died with another cop. That lead Paul Walker to be sentenced for death by lethal injection. However, while he thought he is dying, he wakes up to see a different world and he was given a job as a ground keeper. Afterward he starts to wonder whether he was dead or if he never had a life before.

Still interesting, right? Well from this point, the movie just keeps getting downhill to crappy land. The ending was one of the worst copied idea from other movies ever. The ending is supposed to be one of those “wow I never thought of that,” but it doesn’t fly. Good beginning, and after about 45 minutes the movie just goes more and more rotten and boring.

If you want to see that movie I recommend that you watch The village, The sixth sense, or The usual suspects [instead of Lazarus project]. Those are very good great movies if you haven’t watched them before; and if you did, then just stay the hell away from “Lazarus project,” because it will waste your time and it will make you lose confidence in how good the Mystery & Suspense genre is.

Overall rating:


November 2, 2008

The Happening

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Most of us already know who is M. Night Shyamalan, and if you didn’t know who is this guy, then at least you’ve seen one of his great movies; the sixth sense, unbreakable, the village. All these movies were a big hit for it’s unique spookiness and surprising, mouth-dropping endings. Read the rest of this entry »

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