November 15, 2008

So far so good

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So I was looking forward to spend a lot of time on MG4 playing the game, and also reading the stories of the prequels of the game. Read the rest of this entry »


November 13, 2008

Tonight’s plan: Metal Gear

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I have a presentation in 2 hours, and I then I have a class that ends at 9:40 PM. Can’t wait til I’m done with the day and start enjoying Metal Gear a little bit. Ever since I started to be more familiar with how the game works I have been wanting to play it more.

Just remembered: Totally not going to be able to play tonight. I have a freakin test tomorrow!

November 12, 2008

Mirror’s Edge

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Could it be something really good as much as it is unique?

November 10, 2008

problems with Fable II

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My cousin got Fable II lately and he has been complaining about a problem that keeps occuring. When he arrives at some place in the game, the screen would turn all red; he thought at first the problem was from the TV or XboX itself, but it turned that it was the game. When he went back to Gamestop they confirmed that there is a glitch in the game, and in a month there will be a patch or something to fix the problem.

However, he is not willing to wait that long; so he’ll trade in Assassin’s creed and Fable II to get Gears of War 2 instead.

Update: Found this video on youtube showing how it turns red

Another update: According to my cousin, the problem is with his HDMI cable that came with his XboX. He’s going to replace the cable, then we find out if it’s true.

Progress with Metal Gear

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Metal Gear took some of my time today, and I have to say that every time I spend more time playing the game I enjoy it more than before. That game reminds me in my highschool days with the guys always keeping up with Rehab complex and the new games.

I reached a point in the game where Old Snake watches those three modified machines/humans killing and bashing the militia. Since yesterday I have been trying to find a website or something that lays down the story of Metal Gear from the first one on PS1. Trying to follow up with the story of Metal Gear 4 I really want to remember the story from the beginning and I want to know it in details.

When I first played the game (MG4), I didn’t get the best impression and I found it a bit difficult to use the weapons and aim at the enemy; but now I’m getting a grab ofit and I keep figuering out new techniques that helps a lot.

Metal Gear is the only game that I wouldn’t need any review, gameplay clips, advertising or anything else to persuade me to buy it; all what I need to hear is that Metal Gear is out in the market, and I’d go buy it just like that.

November 9, 2008

Metal Gear knows a lot about Arabs

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I remember a while ago when I was having a talk with one of my friends about how some people in the gulf are still living like it’s the 1800s; and then he mentioned to me this funny thing about how those people use the toilette seat as if it was the old Arabic toilette—a fancy hole on the ground with sewers involved. Anyways, he told me that it isn’t that those people don’t know how to use the toilette seat, but they actually think it’s better to use it their way; which is instead of sitting down, they would stand on the seat!

Don’t be surprised that people would know such information. While I was playing Metal Gear, I reached a palace which is located in Iraq; trying to find my way through, I walked in a wrecked bathroom and I noticed this hilarious picture.


The picture is not very clear, but there is an X on the drawing on the left side—the wrong way of using the toilette.


Great research Konami!

Deciding what game

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So I want to enjoy the rest of this nice evening playing PS3 but I’m still deciding what to play:

1-Metal Gear

2-COD4 (online)


4-Winning eleven

I’m feeling closer to a metal gear night, but I might choose something faster than metal gear.

Update: Metal gear it is.

August 29, 2008

Quitting smoking

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Smoking for over three years on a daily basis is a long time.

Yesterday I threw away my pack that had about seven cigarettes in it, and started my new era of a life with no smokes. It has been now 8:15 hours since last time I had a cigarette in my mouth.

It is kind of hard not to crave for a cigarette in moments where I’m used to smoke within. Take me right now for example; I’m used to smoke while I’m typing a topic for my blog, or searching for something online, or doing anything on my laptop. As long as I’m in front of my laptop, I should have a cigarette hanging on the edge of an ashtray and smoke covering the sky of my place. There many different places, times, and situations where I usually can’t go through without my cigarette.

Damn it I just turned myself on for a cigarette!

Well, I guess I brought this to myself when I started smoking.

Anyhow, I’m thinking of using some strategies to avoid craving for a cigarette; like playing video games whenever I’m thinking of smoking. Even though video gaming is one of the most times where I smoke, it is helpful to distract me from thinking of smoking, and also it is not easy to smoke while playing. I think GTA IV will be a hit during these few days for me.

I’ll be thinking of more strategies and I’ll try to post them so that it might help others who want to quit smoking.

Good luck to all the brothers and sisters out there who are quitting smoking. And my heart is broken to those who are just beginning to smoke.

January 29, 2008

GTA IV special edition package

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I thought I mentioned this before, but apparently I didn’t.

I reserved a copy of the new beloved video game GTA IV from game stop. They told me that the game will be released around March, but it will actually be released on April 29th.

The special edition will include, in addition to the game, collector’s items. The items will al be included in a metal safety deposit box, and they are:

-GTA IV art book including never-before-seen production art work production from GTA IV.

-Selected soundtrack CD from GTA IV, featuring new material from top artists.

-An exclusive Rockstar keychain for the safety deposit box.

-Completing the collection is a limited edition Rockstar duffel bag.

I really can’t wait!

January 26, 2008

Long time

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It’s been a long time since I posted something. I want to get back on track with blogging. I’ve been back to the U.S now for a while, and what I’m looking forward to now is my special edition copy of GTA IV.

I pre-ordered the copy a while ago from game stop, and they told me that it might be released some time around march. However, the website says it will be in stores on 29/4. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

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