November 12, 2011

Good Gum

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How often do you find yourself enjoying a chewing gum significantly, that you actually say “that’s one delicious gum, what is it?”

That’s what happened to me when I had the one in the pic, a mix of pineapple and watermelon flavour. So good, so refreshing, and so colorful!


November 9, 2011

On the way bck to k town

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At last we reached Kuwait’s Zain coverage area on our way back home. Man do we all miss the beautiful 3G sign! Happy to be home (within the next couple of hours). The temperature here in Safwan right now is–I think– about 8 C. For some reason I couldn’t find Safwan on the iphone’s weather app.

Well, hopefully things will go smoothly and I’ll be tucked in my warm bed in no time.

November 7, 2011

Al Najaf

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Arrived at 9 AM today at Al Najaf in order to pay a ritual visit to Imam Ali (salam allah alaih). On our way to the hotel, the streets were just like what you see in the news; poor people all over the place, 80% of the buildings looks damaged if not totally destroyed, and a lot of street vendors selling toys, garments, and food of the cheapest kinds. Few moments later, we arrived at our hotel “zamzam complix”, and for a moment I thought it’s not going to be any different from what I saw in the streets, untill my cousin told me “they have wifi in the lobby!”.

Walked into the lobby to find it pretty decent, and they did have wifi! But I remembered that someone told me al Najaf has beautiful view, so I asked him where was it, and he showed me what you see in the picture. Sorry for the poor quality, but I had to use my ipad since I left my iphone with my cousin before I went to Al Haram. My cousin went to Al Haram later and he never told me where he kept the phones. Ok too many details haha.

Anyways, if you ignore the sand in between the green and imagine that the whole area is green, you’ll find yourself living the jurassic park era! Of course you’ll also have to ignore all the traffic and telephone cables.

Here’s a better pic taken by my iphone.


November 6, 2011

Happy Eid everyone

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I guess so many people received this photo today.

For you all who don’t know what’s funny about this photo, today is the first day of Al Adha Eid. It’s a muslim ritual to sacrifice sheeps and give out meat as food for the needy on that day. Thus the black stripe (or ribbon) for the sheeps community. Al Adha means “the sacrifice”.

That of course doesn’t mean muslims are careless or cruel to creatures. The pic is just an inside joke if you will.

عيدكم مبارك means happy Eid

November 4, 2011


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Since the situation in Karbala at Imam Hussein’s courtyard is under strict security and protection, phones are not allowed inside. Thus, my phone always stayed home. Today however, I decided that I’ll go through the hassle and leave my phone at the valubales boxes (not sure about the term, but it’s like safety boxes). Everyone told me it’s going to delay us, but it took no more than 10 secs to give them the phone and receive a traceable box number.

After we finished our rituals, we got out, took the phone and we all were happy that we had a chance to take photos. But I was also happy that now I can show my friends the old methods they use to sell consumable goods.

The pic is for a ciggerate stand and a sammoon (bread, or pretzels) stand at the street of qeblat imam hussein. At least ten scenes I passed by made me wish that I brought my DSLR to get those good shots I always wanted.

Still in Iraq

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Waiting for the sun to set, then going to continue the rituals. Right now, I’m discovering how attached I am to the ipad. Damn thing is a must for any destination in the world!

November 2, 2011

Damage control

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Man, having an access to the internet is such a life saver. And I mean that in so many different ways! I hope everyone is well.

November 1, 2011

I must.. I really need to!

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I just realized that if you show people that you willingly refuse to eat untill a certain time of your day, you’ll gain some sort of respect.

Don’t you think?

Refuse is too strong of a word, maybe I meant to hold on eating.

Getting closer

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Just had a quick nap, woke up to see everyone else is taking one as well. I’m a bit more relaxed now, and waiting for the next stop where we’ll change busses. Only god knows what’s waiting for me there, and I hope it’s all good.

Off to another road trip

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I’m nervous, afraid, happy, tired, fired up and so many other emotions all blended in one bus. Yet, I couldn’t be any luckier!

See you in a week folks.

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