October 25, 2011

Wordpress app

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WordPress app for the iphone and ipad. Just another reason for me to love blogging even more!


Falling..no, FELL in love with ipad2!

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Ok, so I have to man up and admit to the whole world that I sometimes judge things too soon. The reason of me admitting that, is because I totally misjudged the ipad or the ipad2. When this tablet first came out to the market, I was extremely refusing the idea of owning such a device. Not even seeing it in the hands of someone next to me would make me interested in checking it out. My reasoning is set behind the question that I am sure most of us asked before, how different is the ipad from an iphone beside the blown up screen? To be honest, it really wasn’t that different before untill I realized that there are apps made to utilize the ipad as an ebook or a pdf file reader.

You guessed it, it was then when I was like “huh, I guess there is something that will make me want this ipad.” About a month ago, my interest in the ipad grew even more, so I remembered that one of my friends bought an ipad2 32GB and he got sick of it. I quickly called my friend, he confirmed that he wanted to sell it, and I bought it!

As soon as I started using it, I realized how great this device is. The surprise waqs, it wasn’t only the reader that made me happy. Everything from the awsome ipad2 apps to the smallest thing such as the ipod in the ipad! Yes, the ipod has a different sense when you use it on the ipad!

Anyways, the device is freakin awsome so go get one since it’s way cheaper than it was before, and you’ll get the same amount of fun anyone had when the ipad2 first came out to the market. So it’s the jackpot time for buying an ipad, I guess.

One of the apps that I like is the itunes trailer app. Amazing way of browsing the latest trailers for movies in theaters or coming to theaters, in addition to a visual calendar showing you the movies coming out on each date.


November 2, 2008

Conair whirlpool massaging, foot spa

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I’ve been eyeballing this foot spa for a while and wondering whether it was a good product for its price or not. It’s sold in Wal-Mart for $30, and it’s basically a foot spa with the elements of water, bubbles, vibrations, heat, and water jet. So today I passed by it and decided to just get it already. Read the rest of this entry »