August 31, 2008

Ramadan Kareem

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mbarak 3alaikom el shahar

As usual, every year in this beautiful holy month one keeps missing the astonishing nights of Kuwait and the beautiful family gatherings.


Adobe Dreamweaver

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So I got this Dreamweaver after trying to modify some stuff on my blog. Now I just feel stupid because I don’t know how to use this program. It’s fascinating the things that you can do with it, and it’s even more fascinating how easier Adobe made it for web designers to work on their designs; but you have to have some idea of what the hell you are doing. In my case, I need lots and lots and lots of reading and research to be able to use it. Wish me luck!

August 30, 2008

Find low gas prices near you

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I found this awesome website for everyone who wants to check out the different prices for gas whether it was near your city or further.

Just enter the address, state, or Zip code, or whatever information you have and the website needs, and then it will give you the prices like that:

Where is the lowest gas prices near me?

First food trip for Ramadan

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Today the weather was really beautiful. Sunny and warm, but not too warm.

Since Ramadan is really close, I went to one of those Islamic food (deli) markets here in Richmond, and got some stuff that might be on our dish for fotoor.

Even though I have been going to this place, Petra Food, for a while now to get Halal meat, I used my Garmin street pilot GPS for directions. I wanted to see how my two-years-old GPS is working today. It appeared that I really need to either get a new GPS or to update it.

I tried to trick the GPS by going to a different route but same direction, and see if I would beat the GPS in discovering a faster and shorter route. Well, the route felt pretty much the same even though it was completely new for me. I want to talk about it more later so we’ll leave the review like that for now.

On my way back home, I saw this truck, I think a gasoline truck, and it had this painting that you see in the picture. I have always been wondering who is responsible for painting and decorating these commercials trucks. If it was fuel truck (and I am positive it is) then it has nothing to do with elephants and wild life. So what’s up?

Well, it’s cool for the eye of the road-trip driver to see such paintings when he/she is driving for many hours.

August 29, 2008

Quitting smoking

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Smoking for over three years on a daily basis is a long time.

Yesterday I threw away my pack that had about seven cigarettes in it, and started my new era of a life with no smokes. It has been now 8:15 hours since last time I had a cigarette in my mouth.

It is kind of hard not to crave for a cigarette in moments where I’m used to smoke within. Take me right now for example; I’m used to smoke while I’m typing a topic for my blog, or searching for something online, or doing anything on my laptop. As long as I’m in front of my laptop, I should have a cigarette hanging on the edge of an ashtray and smoke covering the sky of my place. There many different places, times, and situations where I usually can’t go through without my cigarette.

Damn it I just turned myself on for a cigarette!

Well, I guess I brought this to myself when I started smoking.

Anyhow, I’m thinking of using some strategies to avoid craving for a cigarette; like playing video games whenever I’m thinking of smoking. Even though video gaming is one of the most times where I smoke, it is helpful to distract me from thinking of smoking, and also it is not easy to smoke while playing. I think GTA IV will be a hit during these few days for me.

I’ll be thinking of more strategies and I’ll try to post them so that it might help others who want to quit smoking.

Good luck to all the brothers and sisters out there who are quitting smoking. And my heart is broken to those who are just beginning to smoke.

August 28, 2008

Problems with my Microsoft Outlook

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Recently I have been using my Microsoft Outlook to manage my school finance stuff. The best thing about the outlook is that I can use my school e-mail within it. However, it is screwing some things up; like not sending an e-mail, or not being able to connect to the e-mail sometimes. And I just can’t figure out what’s the mistake that is happening.

Any suggestions?

Missed a class

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I am really hating myself right now!

Today is one of those days that suck as soon as you open your eyes and see the clock.

Why? Because I missed an important class and it’s only day two (technically) for this course.

It all began with a stupid idea I cam up with to get some rest before studying.

It was 9:30 PM, and I was very tired and haven’t finished preparing for my classes. The first thing that got to my mind is that if I slept now I would be able to get enough sleep and also enough time to finish preparing for my classes. Well I went to bed at about 9:45 PM and didn’t wake up until 3:00 AM. Everything is still ok at this point because my classes don’t start before 12:30 PM; but I did it again, as I have been doing it for the past 4 years, and some how lost time to finish my work, felt tired, slept around 8:00 AM and didn’t wake up until 12:30 PM sharp. There wasn’t enough time to get to class since it takes me about 15-20 minutes driving and getting to school; and that if it was one of the perfect traffic days.

Right now I’m trying to make peace with myself and try to make up for what I missed.